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  • December 16, 2018

The secrets of the perfect Autumn Wedding

The golden autumn is a wonderful background for an atmospheric wedding. The nature shines in the most beautiful colors of the discoloring foliage and offers the opportunity for unique wedding photos. Although the weather is getting cooler, so the wedding should definitely be celebrated in a hall, there are also more venues to choose from at lower prices than in summer.

Wedding Dresses: These styles are hot for fall

For the wedding in the fall you should choose a wedding dress that adapts to the gradually cooler weather. To autumnal wedding motifs coarse lace fits very gorgeous and bold color accents fit into the season. Often you can find sharpening or belt in bright colors. At an autumn wedding it is even possible to opt for a colored wedding dress. Many brides prefer a long-sleeved dress. Often the sleeves are made entirely of lace and look wonderfully romantic. But you can also opt for a cut dress with straps. In this case, however, one should choose a bolero or jacket that can be worn over the dress.

Warm natural colors for the decoration of the autumn wedding

The beautiful colors such as red, orange or yellow, which dominate in nature at this time of year, can also be used excellently for the decoration of the wedding. The trend is also the color Burgundy, which can be combined very well with gold tones. You can choose one of these colors as the main color and put them together with one or two earth tones. It’s so easy to find the color theme for the winter. Such a color combination is perfect for a boho style wedding. Wildflowers, elements of wood and unusual decoration ideas, which can be used for antique household items or old picture frames, are at the forefront of such a wedding. The boho look captures the romance of autumn wonderfully and can also be run on a smaller budget.

In the autumn decoration you can also work well with pumpkins. These are available in different colors, including white. They are suitable as a successful table decoration and provide a cozy atmosphere. Coziness is of course also created by the lighting. The open flames of candles and tealights fit wonderfully into the season. Small lanterns are also a great way to create soft lighting.

The fall colors can be wonderfully realized even when the table is laid. The tablecloth in Burgundy, for example, perfectly matches white dishes. Modern and autumnal at the same time are also golden plates, which can form a sensational contrast to plain table linen in beige or light brown.

Free-range roses and dahlias are among the flowers that can be obtained cheaply and in great abundance in the autumn. Dahlias are available in many different colors and are therefore wonderfully suited to the color theme that has been chosen.

An autumn festive menu for the guests

Pumpkin or potato dishes fit wonderfully into the fall and can be used both at the served menu and at the buffet. Mushrooms also fit the season and can also be served as a soup. For the main course you can choose among other types of meat such as venison medallions, venison stew or smoked duck breast. Berries and leaves provide an attractive decoration for the plates and are worthy messengers of autumn. Also, the dessert can be designed so that it fits the season. Apples, plums, poppy seeds, honey and cinnamon are perfect for autumn and can be processed into delicious desserts in different ways. Even oranges and figs fit into the season and can be served as a simple fruit plate. A new wine is a wonderful accompaniment for the autumn menu and is one of the typical culinary friends of the season.

Berry tones and earth tones are also perfect for the wedding cake and the cake buffet. You can make a great impression with a wedding cake in cream-colored buttercream, which is decorated with elaborately designed autumn leaves of chocolate and sugar. But also berries and figs are wonderful for the decoration of the cake. At the cake buffet the imagination knows no bounds. Whole pears can be dipped in pink frosting and find their place next to chocolate brown cupcakes on the buffet. Apple strudel, lightly dusted with powdered sugar, is a tasty representative of the autumn and should not be missed in the selection of sweet delicacies. The table itself can be decorated with lace covers, while berries and colorful leaves provide a proper decoration. The sign for the cake buffet is best made from wood and designed in a vintage look.

Entertainment for the guests at the autumn wedding

When planning a fall wedding, it’s almost impossible to predict the weather. Mild sunshine that immerses nature in a golden glow is just as possible as an autumn storm with rain and cold. Therefore, autumn weddings are also usually planned in a hall. Of course, one has to remember that there are often long spans between the important highlights such as welcoming the guests, the wedding dinner and the beginning of the evening party. Therefore, you should come up with some ideas, so that the guests are not bored. There are plenty of wedding games to entertain the guests. For autumnal theme fairground games fit perfectly. Throwing rings at old bottles, throwing cans or even a giant Jenga game can be just the thing to set the young and old in a relaxed mood.

Also you can make a guest book in a special way. If you provide a picture frame decorated with autumn and an instant camera, the guests can take photos of themselves and attach them together with their congratulations in the frame. A photobooth is also a coveted idea to create a mood at the wedding. Homemade jam, which can be filled into small glasses that are labeled by hand, is suitable as a gift in autumn.

From the decoration to the menu is cosiness at the autumn wedding announced. In a warm, romantic atmosphere, guests feel comfortable and can enjoy the special charm of the season in the best way possible. Through an imaginative, seasonal design, an autumn wedding can be a very individual celebration, with which you can set off your own wedding clearly from other festivals.

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