Get married at the registry office

More and more couples today do without a church wedding and decide to get married at the registry office. In such cases, a small wedding is often preferred to a large party. This type of marriage also gives young people who are just starting their careers the opportunity to have a wedding, which does not have to cost too much. The wedding dress is also much less complex for the civil wedding than for the church wedding. Most women wear a short dress while the groom marries in a street suit. Nevertheless, getting married at the registry office can be romantic.

Note: Here you will find a list of the necessary documents for the civil wedding.

Wedding Registry Office: how to plan properly

Church weddings are often considered the most important part of a wedding ceremony. However, the wedding at the registry office is of even greater importance as it makes the marriage legally binding. Many couples today only opt for a wedding at the registry office, be it because they belong to different religions or feel that they do not belong to any church. In such a case, the wedding in front of the registry office can also be arranged in a solemn and romantic way.

This is how the civil wedding goes

The wedding ceremony at the registry office lasts about 30 minutes. The central act is the registrar’s question whether both partners are willing to marry. However, you can ask the official beforehand to include some personal elements in his speech, or to play a certain song when the bride and groom have given their yes. The typical process is as follows:

– greeting
– personal details
– speech by the registrar
– Yes word
– exchange of rings
– groom kisses the bride
– entry in the marriage book and signature

After that, the couple is legally married.

Note: Here you will find a detailed daily schedule of the entire wedding day with civil and / or church wedding.

Make arrangements with the registrar

The marriage at the registry office follows a fixed program that is about 30 minutes long. However, if you make an appointment with the registrar beforehand, some personal elements can be added to the process that guarantee the bride and groom a romantic wedding. These can include the following:

-personal reference during the registrar’s speech
-play a specific song after saying yes
-integration of groomsmen

In some cities, the civil wedding can also be held in special places, such as a castle or a castle. You can find out which selection is available from the responsible registry office, but such a service is usually associated with additional costs.

The civil wedding – so the marriage becomes legal

When you think of the wedding, most couples first think of the church ceremony. However, the civil wedding is more important, because it is only through it that the marriage becomes final. That’s why you have to get married at the registry office before you celebrate the ceremony in the church. Many couples plan to marry in the church early in the morning before the wedding, while others prefer to get married at the registry office a few days earlier to minimize the stress on the day of the church ceremony.

This is how the wedding ceremony at the registry office works

You can register for the appointment at the registry office at the earliest six months before the marriage. When registering, the couple must have the following documents ready:

– valid ID card or passport
– a valid residence certificate from the registration office, showing the place of residence, marital status and nationality.
– copy from the birth register

If the couple already have children together or if a spouse has a different nationality, additional documents are required, which you can inquire about by calling the responsible registry office.

Make a civil wedding romantic

Many couples today choose to only marry in a civil registry office and do without a church ceremony. In such cases you can also make the civil wedding romantic. For example, friends and acquaintances can receive the couple in front of the registry office with wedding balloons and congratulations, and you can also hold a champagne reception in front of the registry office, with which guests and the newlyweds can get in the mood for the wedding party.

Interesting facts about your wedding ceremony at the registry office

It is the highlight of every wedding celebration – the wedding ceremony. However, you should find out a few important details before registering for your wedding. Here we would like to give you an overview as well as tips and answers about the most frequently asked questions.

What is a wedding ceremony?

The term is understood to mean marriage in an official setting requested by the bride and groom. The term is derived from the words fidelity and trust, which are said to be the basis of marriage. The wedding ceremony ranges from a small, only civil ceremony in the closest circle of friends and family to a large wedding party with many wedding guests, civil and church wedding ceremony.

The legally valid wedding is carried out by a registry office at the registry office.

What types of marriage are there?

There are 3 main types that are related:

– The civil wedding
– The church wedding
– The free wedding ceremony

Only the civil wedding is legally binding. In terms of time, it is usually ahead of the other two forms.

The civil wedding – what is the registration for the marriage?

This means the registration of the civil marriage. The bride and groom should make an appointment with the registry office beforehand. The date is set at the appointment. However, only one partner can register for the ceremony if there is a power of attorney from another partner.

The registration interview takes about 30-40 minutes.

When can you register the wedding at the registry office?

The ceremony can be registered no earlier than 6 months before the planned wedding date. Of course, you can also speak to the registry office earlier to make an appointment.

It is best, however, that you register in advance by email or phone at your registry office to ensure that this is also possible.

Which registry office is responsible for me?

The registry office, where one of the two of you has his main or secondary residence, is responsible for the wedding.

Upon agreement, the civil marriage can also take place in any registry office in Austria. This often happens when the wedding is to take place at the place of birth where you no longer live or at a particularly beautiful place / registry office.

You should contact the registry office in advance where the ceremony is to take place and bring the address of this registry office with you when registering for the marriage.

The documents are then sent to the registry office by the registry office when registering the marriage.

What are the duties of the registrar?

The registrar’s task is to conduct the civil wedding and to agree on the registration for the wedding. Another task is, for example, the examination of legal marriage ability and whether there is a possible ban on marriage. This can be, for example, an existing marriage or a marriage among blood relatives. The registry office advises and checks when married to foreign citizens.

The registration of births and deaths also falls within the area of ​​responsibility of the registry office.

Copy from the birth register

The term “certified copy from the birth register” is often read. The registry office’s birth entry is copied and certified.
The registry office is the registry office at which the birth was registered; this is usually the registry office of your place of birth or the next larger place. The birth certificate is not the copy from the birth register!

If you were born at the place of your wedding ceremony, you usually do not need a copy from the birth register, as the data are already available to the registry office or can be obtained without great effort.

Do both partners need to register for the wedding ceremony?

f, for example, a partner does not appear to register for the marriage due to illness or for professional reasons, he can issue a power of attorney. The corresponding form is offered on the Internet at many registry offices. You can then print this out in advance, fill it in and sign it. This is how a partner can register the wedding.

How long does the wedding ceremony take?

A wedding lasts on average between 20 and 30 minutes.

Regardless of whether you are the bride, groom, best man, parents or guests: You should go to the location 20 minutes to half an hour before the actual appointment and inquire about parking options in the area. There is nothing more unpleasant than being late for a wedding ceremony or even missing out on the ceremony as a guest.

Special places for the wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony usually takes place in the wedding hall of the registry office. Very often there are more rooms to choose from. Depending on the size of your wedding party and your personal ideas, you can choose different spatial variants and choose a place that best suits your needs.

There are some special places for the wedding that can be booked free of charge, but for others there is an additional fee. Very often you can have a look at the premises beforehand on the Internet and make a pre-selection without much time.

You should be aware in advance that most places are very popular and therefore you should register with the registry office at an early stage.

Wedding ceremony abroad

You also understand the possibility of getting married abroad. The marriage is proven to the registry office by a marriage certificate. Depending on the country in which you are getting married, you should observe different regulations.

It is ideal to discuss the recognition of the marriage abroad with your registry office beforehand. Obtaining documents abroad afterwards can be costly and very time-consuming.

Organizational matters around the wedding ceremony

You can supplement your wedding ceremony with small ideas – depending on the registry office and schedule. Maybe with a song that is played at a certain point or reading a poem.

You should clarify the organizational process beforehand with the registrar, so that the timing of the wedding remains within the planned framework. A small champagne reception for the wedding ceremony participants is very welcome; in most registry offices this is possible in an adjoining or anteroom. These options should also be clarified beforehand.

News about the wedding ceremony

Some registry offices offer a free webcam service. Your ceremony will then be broadcast live on the Internet and relatives and acquaintances who cannot attend the wedding will still experience it.

Especially for relatives who live far away inland or abroad, this is a nice way to be at the wedding. You can find out whether this service is also offered by you on the website of your registry office. Simply discuss usage when you register for the wedding.

This is how the guests experience the wedding at the registry office

When getting married at the registry office, it is common for family and friends to wait in front of the registry office for the bride and groom and to greet them appropriately right after the marriage. Confetti can be sprinkled and in many places you can also fly pretty balloons filled with helium to surprise the bride and groom. In many cases, a champagne reception is organized near the registry office, at which the bride and groom accepts the congratulations. If a celebration is planned, the wedding party sets off from the registry office to the festival venue.

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