Ideas for the marriage proposal – This is how the proposal will succeed

Regardless of who takes the initiative from both partners to inquire about the marriage proposal, the right timing is of the utmost importance. Because the right prepared mood not only depends on the desired answer to the marriage proposal, but also the memory of the marriage proposal, which you keep for a lifetime at this moment. And even for couples who have agreed to a wedding date quite informally, the surprise effect of a marriage proposal made after the fact can cause one or two additional romantic miracles. However, the location and mood must match the person to be recruited perfectly. And it can happen that chance for the marriage proposal can provide the perfect moment.

So not every marriage proposal has to be planned like an event, but if coincidence is not there, a little planning is recommended. Here are a few ways that could make it easier for you to design or formulate the marriage proposal.

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Marriage proposal: romance in every season

If you have an open fireplace, you can also design the big moment for your own four walls. On the whole, however, it should at least be an evening together in your favorite restaurant, in which the marriage proposal is carefully planned into the menu.

It doesn’t have to be Paris, Venice or New York where the marriage proposal is made, after all, something should also remain in the budget for the honeymoon. A wellness weekend together, an excursion to a snow-covered winter location or a picnic with plenty of culinary delights in the warm season should, however, ideally be to hand over the engagement ring chosen with love and to inquire about the marriage proposal. Or the previously mentioned tie for the groom.

Even with the best preparation of your marriage proposal, one thing remains absolutely indispensable: a good dose of courage. But whoever actually intends to commit himself for life will already have plenty of it anyway.

14 ideas for marriage proposal

Great ideas make a marriage proposal an unforgettable event. A special staging is required to ask the question of all questions. Here you will find 14 suggestions on how to present the marriage proposal as best as possible and which scenarios are available.

1) Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is one of the ideas that do not need an impetus, since it is the focus of the marriage proposal in addition to the question and the romantic atmosphere. The common future begins with “the” question and “the” most wonderful ring. Therefore, you should not only think about the “when, how and where”, but also about the piece of jewelry with which this moment is connected!

2) Advertising Wall

For example, organize a wedding poster on which the marriage proposal will be placed or order a personal photo canvas with the famous words and bring in further ideas such as a picture of both of you. Above all, you should be creative and put it on your way to work in a place where your girlfriend doesn’t expect it.

3) Wall Sticker

A simple yet effective surprise among the ideas is a wall tattoo for the marriage proposal. This application does not require long trips and no brave applicant to create a unique moment. As with many of the suggestions, this can still be turned into a romantic marriage proposal with your own ideas. How about a bed full of roses, for example, while the question of questions decorates the wall above.

4) A Room full of Roses

Lay a trail of rose petals towards the room where you prepared the surprise. If you decide on the room full of roses, put a note with the request on the bed; just place the opened box on the bed and the application will stick to the door in the envelope or surprise your partner there on your knees.

5) Balloons

Attach heart-shaped balloons in front of your partner’s house or apartment and hang a sign with your request on the front door. Another idea for a marriage proposal with balloons would be a sign with the word “SAG” and helium-filled balloons containing the word “YES” next to it. So it is something extravagant, original and a personal effort that your bride will surely affirm!

6) Romantic food

A classic among the ideas for a marriage proposal. Surprise your loved one with a great dinner, at home or in a nice restaurant – maybe also at the place where you met or had your first date. A candlelight dinner is always an option! To make it more personal or original, you can place labeled ribbon noodles in the main course!

7) Baby Marriage Proposal

Do you and your partner already have young people but not yet the right ideas for the marriage proposal? Involve the baby. If you then move or change the baby, you will finally have a great surprise!

8) Flowers

Have your marriage proposal delivered by a flower service together with a large bouquet (e.g. red roses).

9) Love message in heaven

Do you want it to be particularly spectacular? You can easily have the application written in the sky by booking an air letter. But be careful, this variant of the marriage proposal is one of the less favorable ideas.

10) Video marriage proposal

Make a special video and send it by post. A really great idea is to preview the video in a movie theater. Simply ask at the cinema, many cinema operators offer the opportunity.

11) Daily newspaper

The ideas for a marriage proposal are missing and your future read the same newspaper every day? Then write a big advertisement where you announce your marriage proposal.

12) Romantic trip

Surprise your partner with a weekend trip to Rome, Paris or Venice. Are there any more romantic ideas than a marriage proposal in front of St. Peter’s Basilica, Eiffel Tower or in a Venetian gondola?

13) Surprise you with appropriate music

Romantic melodies instead of boring marriage proposal ideas? Surprise your loved one with a serenade in front of the front door or balcony.

14) Marriage Proposal Ideas – What Matters?

No matter where and how the marriage proposal takes place, it is often the personal detail that touches the partner most. Try to find a personal reference when choosing the location. Perhaps the application will take place where the couple first met? What is the beloved’s heart? A city that she always wanted to travel to, a film scene that she often speaks of. The best inspiration is still the future.

The ideas for the perfect marriage proposal at a glance:

  • 1. Engagement Ring
  • 2. Advertising Wall
  • 3. Wall Sticker
  • 4. A Room full of Roses
  • 5. Balloons
  • 6. Romantic Food
  • 7. Do it Baby
  • 8. Flowers
  • 9. Love message in heaven
  • 10. Marriage proposal by video
  • 11. Daily newspaper
  • 12. Romantic trip
  • 13. Surprise you with appropriate music
  • 14. Marriage proposal ideas – what is important?

As you can see, there are no limits to creativity. The most important thing is that you design the application with a heart – remember special moments combined with a very special place, special music or the like – then you will surely have the right idea soon!