The Maid of Honor – What tasks does she have to fulfill?

The Maid of Honor is the person (usually close friend or family of the bride) who has to be present at the wedding and confirms it with a signature. As the name implies, she is the witness of the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom usually each have a groomsman or a maid of honor.

When the ring is handed over, it is customary for the bridal bouquet to be given to the bride’s maid of honor, and the bridegroom’s groomsman brings the rings. Normally, the best man also takes care of the wedding shower.

Checklist for the Maid of Honor

If you have been chosen as a maid of honor at a wedding, you will receive an honor that you would like to be worthy of. However, not everyone has experience in the duties expected of a witness, so it is a good idea to prepare in advance for the big event. A checklist can help to fulfill the task brilliantly and contribute to a successful wedding.

The Maid of Honor: An important role

The duties of the maid of honor can be extensive and are usually defined after consultation with the bride. From the tasks you take on, you can create a checklist so that you are sure to live up to your expectations. You can also find ready-made checklists for the maid of honor on the internet, from which you can get excellent ideas on how best to support the bride. Among her most important tasks that should be noted on her checklist are the following:

– advice on the purchase of the wedding dress
– consultation on hairstyle and make-up of the bride
– organization of the hen party
– organizational support

One of the things that should also be noted on the maid of honor’s checklist is having a valid identity card on the wedding day for the signature at the registry office. Before the church wedding, some rehearsals take place, in which also the witnesses take part. There are also excellent opportunities to discuss details such as the church decoration.

The closest confidante of the bride

She is a close ally of the bride and can therefore solve many tasks with diplomacy. Many wedding guests ask, for example, which gifts the bridal couple wishes, or whether money gifts are preferred. As a maid of honor one can take on a mediating role in this sense. The relationship of trust with the bride gives you the necessary information that you can pass on to other guests.

The duties of the Maid of Honor

The maid of honor must be of legal age and must be present with a recognized ID on the day of the wedding. It does not necessarily have to speak the German language, if that is the case an interpreter has to translate everything. It is customary that the maid of honor also participates in the planning of the wedding and as far as the bride and groom want to take care of the list of gifts. Often, she also helps with the selection of suitable clothing for the wedding ceremony and the wedding party afterwards.

Not only before the wedding but also on the event day, the maid of honor should support the bridal couple accordingly and calm stress situations. She is the contact person for everything.

At the feast, the maid of honor usually awaits a short speech and wishes the couple the best or even to blurt out one or another embarrassing detail.

If there are some problems in the marriage, it is the maid of honor who is at the side of the couple. She has to play the marriage counselor so to speak to help the couple and avoid disputes. It can also be good for “blaspheming” and help letting off some steam when it just gets too much.

However, what tasks you have exactly as a maid of honor, decides the bride and groom at the end anyway.

Find the suitable Maid of Honor

Very high expectations are placed on her, and she must always be calm and calm, especially when planning a wedding, and soothe the bride, even when her nerves are blank. Almost every bride and groom has a certain idea of ​​the implementation of the tasks and of course you do not want to disappoint the lovers.

Most popular are the best friend or sister. If these two options disappear, there are usually only other relatives left.

Skillfully avoid interference factors

Stressed bride and groom

Calm the couple in advance to gain enough confidence to win. On the day of the wedding you should not concern yourself with doing the tasks well. Do not let them help you and make sure you enjoy the day.

Disputes during the celebration

The typical “dispute seekers” or people who do not like themselves should be set apart from each other. If there is still the fear, you should talk to the affected and seek a solution to avoid this particular day of clashes.

Should it still happen, they intervene and point out that this behavior is very rude to everyone else here. The bride and groom do not need to know anything about such an incident. That would only cause unnecessary unrest and stress.

Inappropriate music

Ask the bride and groom. You will be familiar with your own taste in music and that of the guests best. Also pay attention to the volume. When you engage a band you should be aware that the music does not please everyone. In the worst case, then some guests leave the party earlier than thought.