The most beautiful Love Sayings for every occasion

A wedding is a celebration of love and that is why love sayings always belong to such an occasion. On greeting cards, when greeting the newlyweds after the wedding ceremony and also during the table speeches during the wedding dinner, guests have the opportunity to celebrate the young couple with the most beautiful love sayings. If you are invited to a wedding, it is therefore appropriate to put together a few romantic love sayings that also go well with the newlyweds.

If you have a poetic streak, you can rely on your intuition and put together a few lines yourself, in which you can also refer directly to the bride and groom.

However, if you don’t dare to put a love spell of your own accord, you can find many nice suggestions on wedding portals and in poetry collections that are perfect for the occasion. You can use a quote or change a wedding saying a little to make it more personal.

  1. Through you I experience true happiness, you drive me crazy every day.
  2. Our souls are related, I realized that when we first met.
  3. I always want to go by your side, to accompany you faithfully to every distance.
  4. How nice that you are with me because our love is really the most beautiful.
  5. Doubts in the sun clarity,
    Doubts about the star light,
    Doubt whether the truth can lie
    only not in my love.

Everything from funny to classic is allowed

Love Sayings can be designed differently and individually, so that they can be wonderfully adapted to your own personality. In this way, you have the opportunity to send the wedding couple a greeting that comes from the heart with the love spell. Of course, you shouldn’t neglect the taste of the newlyweds. After all, you want to make the love spell a joy.

However, if you don’t dare to put a love spell of your own accord, you can find many nice suggestions on wedding portals and in poetry collections that are perfect for the occasion. You can use a quote or change a wedding saying a little to make it more personal.

  1. “Love is a material that nature has woven and embroidered the imagination.” – Voltaire
  2. “I hope that in the end love and truth are stronger than all the evil and misfortune in the world.” – Charles Dickens
  3. “Only the soul that loves is happy” – Goethe

Even in modern literature you can find many beautiful love sayings that you can quote on the greeting card, for example. Likewise, one can fall back on folk wisdom, in which the topic of love is also often discussed. Of course, the love spell may also have a funny, slightly teasing character that invites you to smile and ensures a good mood. It is therefore advisable to first select several sayings. Then you can calmly decide on the best spell, or, for example, also use a love spell for the greeting card and use another one for personal congratulations.

Love Sayings for the guest book

At most weddings, a guest book is laid out in which the guests, as a kind of thank you for a successful celebration, give the bride and groom a saying. If you are invited to a wedding, you should remember that at the end of the celebration you will probably be asked to make your entry in the guest book. Guest books are among the most beautiful souvenirs of the wedding celebration and are always well looked after by the bride.

Even in later years, the guest books are always brought out and flipped through. With your entry you create a lasting memory. Therefore, it is also advisable to come up with a particularly beautiful love spell for the guest book, which is certain to also appeal to the newlyweds. Whether you write it yourself or borrow wise words from a well-known author, it is always advisable to be prepared to write the love spell in the guest book. Since this usually happens at an advanced hour, it is advisable to write the saying on a piece of paper that you can put in your pocket. So you can still correctly enter the saying in the guest book at the end of a happy celebration and, if necessary, rely on the small reminder.

  1. Love is the desire to give something, not to receive something.
  2. Love alone understands the secret of giving gifts to others and thereby becoming rich yourself.
  3. Marriage works best when both partners remain a little unmarried.
  4. Happiness is love, nothing else. Who can love is happy.

Love Sayings for the bride’s correspondence

The bride’s duties include a whole range of written papers. This includes save the date cards, invitations and finally Thank You’s. The entire wedding stationery should be kept in the same style as possible, which also fits the motto of the wedding. As a rule, the bride chooses a love spell, which can be found on all cards and letters as a wedding spell. The saying is always placed in the upper part of cards and stationery. The bride should choose a very personal saying that the bride and groom can identify with. This love saying is closely related to the wedding and becomes, so to speak, the trademark of the bride, which characterizes all written programs related to the wedding. This wedding saying should be as unique as the wedding and tell a very personal story.

For technical reasons, it is still advisable not to choose a too long saying, which would take up too much space, especially on smaller cards. Designing a perfect love spell can take some time and should be one of the first things the bride does as part of the wedding preparations. This guarantees that stationery and cards can be printed on time. The love spell can also adorn the first page of the guest book, where it can be handwritten by the bride. As a result, guests can often be encouraged to lose their shyness and to immortalize their own sayings on the pages.

Love Sayings at the ceremony

Love sayings are often used during the wedding ceremony. For example, they belong to the opening at the civil wedding and can also be used by a relative to give the newlyweds the best wishes. Today it is also becoming more and more custom that the bride and groom write their own marriage vows, with which they swear love and loyalty to their spouse at the wedding. Even on such an occasion, a love spell is announced, which in this case is of course longer and very personal. Even with church marriages, it is now possible to deviate from centuries-old words in marriage vows and replace them with your own love spell.

However, it is advisable to discuss the contents of the vow with the pastor beforehand. He is also happy to assist and advise, so that it is easier to write this most important of all love sayings in an appropriate form. At a civil ceremony you have more freedom in the design of the love spell. You can find numerous instructions on the Internet and sometimes you can find excellent inspirations in song lyrics to help you create the love spell. Quotes from well-known poets are sometimes used. The love vow for the marriage vow is one of the highlights of the ceremony. The lecture is emotionally charged and romantic and gives the wedding celebration an unforgettable charm that you will remember for a long time.

  1. To love a person means to consent to grow old with him. (Albert Camus)
  2. Above all, love one another, because love is the bond that holds everything together and makes it perfect. (Colossians 3;14)
  3. Because where your sweetheart is, there is your heart too. (Matthew 6, 21)
  4. Even if everything stops – belief, hope and love do not. These three will always stay; but love is highest.
    (1 Corinthians 13;13)
  5. Everything you do should be determined by love. (1 Corinthians 16;14)
  6. Love endures everything, she believes everything, she hopes everything, she tolerates everything. Love never stops. (1 Corinthians  13,7+8a)
  7. But now there are faith, hope, love, these three; but love is the greatest among them. (1 Corinthians 13:13)
  8. Let us take care of each other and encourage us to love and do good. (Hebrews 10:24)
  9. Love alone understands the secret of giving gifts to others and thereby becoming rich yourself. (Clemens Brentano)
  10. How I want to meet you
    I want to love you without constricting you;
    Appreciate you without evaluating you;
    Take you seriously without committing yourself to anything;
    come to you without imposing me on you;
    Invite you,
    without making demands on you;
    Give you something
    without any expectations;
    say goodbye to you,
    without missing anything essential;
    Tell you my feelings
    without being responsible for you;
    Inform you without teaching you;
    Help you without offending you;
    take care of you
    without wanting to change you;
    I enjoy you just the way you are.
    If I can get the same from you
    then we can really meet each other
    and enrich each other.
    (Virginia Satir)

Love Sayings for wedding anniversaries

For many couples, the wedding day is celebrated every year. Of course, love spells also belong to such an opportunity. With a self-made love saying on a pretty card, you can surprise your partner and prove that love has remained alive. On the first wedding days, the sayings are usually only exchanged between the couple. At the latest on the 25th wedding anniversary, however, there is usually a big celebration in which many couples renew their wedding vows once again. At such an event, the love spell is again in the foreground.

Both partners are preparing a special saying that they will use to promise love and loyalty for years to come. Such a love saying is often very contemplative and also often brings in experiences that have been gathered together in previous years of marriage. If you want to send a greeting card with a love saying to a couple on such an occasion, this should also allude to the long existence of love. Finally, a couple is celebrated, whose love has been tested and survived the ups and downs of everyday life.

If a Golden or even a Diamond Wedding is celebrated, the guests will surely quote love spells during the festivities. Many well-known authors have dealt with this topic and there are numerous wonderful quotes that can be used as a love spell for such an event. Of course, the saying gets so much meaning again if it is accompanied by a few personal words. Especially old acquaintances or maybe even the groomsmen of yesteryear are in demand here, who may even remember the couple’s wedding saying and can relate it to the years they shared.

  1. Love is the warmth of life you need
    like daily bread.
    No greater benefit can happen to the earth traveler at any time in life,
    as true friendship and real love. (Friedrich Lienhard)
  2. Marriage is a work of art of love
    A work of skill that both build on
    change, correct and redesign –
    a whole life. (Fritz Leist)
  3. A marriage is only really good
    if you forget during the day that you fall in love,
    and at night that you are married. (HonorË de Balzac)

Love Sayings for every day

Love sayings should not only be reserved for special occasions, but should also serve to bring a little more romance into everyday life. The exchange of love sayings deepens the bond of lovers and lets them see anew every day how deep the bond with their partner is. Modern technology also paves the way. In the past, love letters were written on paper that had to be sent in a laborious way, but today you can send a love message in a text message via the computer or smartphone. So the loved one receives the saying immediately and can also respond quickly. This communication should also be maintained by a married couple in order to keep love alive.

Today’s romance can often be neglected due to the stress of work and family. However, everyone has time to quickly send an SMS with a love spell during the lunch break. Even a small piece of paper with a love spell that you put in your partner’s pocket can be a wonderful surprise. This shows the partner that you always think of him and feel just as in love as on the first day. Love sayings can help ensure that a marriage always stays happy. Therefore, you should always be interested in pretty sayings and have a small repertoire with which you can always delight your partner.


Of course, one should not shower the partner with the love sayings. You shouldn’t become a routine. However, a love spell that the partner did not expect can help to keep the interest awake and greatly helps to strengthen the bond with the partner. They give the partner a feeling of emotional stability and security and anchor themselves deep in the soul.

Love Sayings written by yourself

The love sayings that you write yourself are always particularly personal. Such a saying, beautifully put on paper, can often be more meaningful than a valuable gift. The love spell doesn’t have to be long. It is important that he comes from the heart and expresses his own feelings clearly.

Many people are initially somewhat shy about writing such a saying themselves and prefer to use quotations. However, if you read love spells again and again, you will soon find that it is not a problem to write a love spell yourself. In many cases it is a simple two-liner that does not necessarily have to rhyme. Of course, a beautiful wording is important to make a love spell attractive. But it is even more important to express true feelings. Therefore, you should just pick up a pencil and start writing your first love spell and give your partner a nice surprise.

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