Intercessions for the wedding – a lovingly maintained tradition

During the church wedding ceremony, guests intercede for the wedding, who ask for blessings for the newlywed couple. In most cases, these intercessions are spoken alternately by several guests and represent an emotionally charged moment during the ceremony, which the bridal couple will remember for a long time. It is a special honor to be chosen to perform an intercession, and as a guest, you should take the time to formulate your blessing personally and meaningfully.

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The appropriate intercessions for the wedding / For the newlyweds

1) … .. stands today as a bride in front of the altar. Lord, help her with her duties as a wife. Make her a good mother. Always let her shine with happiness like today, because then the work and worries will not seem like insurmountable hurdles, but only like small steps that she will easily master with the help of her husband.

2) Like no rose is without thorns, no relationship is without difficulties. We ask for … and … that they build new bridges from stones that lie along the way and give each other flowers from the wayside as a sign of their affection and reconciliation.

3) Lord, we thank you for filling the heart of … .. & … .. with mutual love. Lord, we ask you to never let them doubt their love and keep them away from people who doubt their love or who may destroy it out of resentment.

4) We ask for … and … that you will be happy in your marriage, that your love will grow through all the years of your life together and that you will be there for each other even in difficult times ..

5) Lord, we ask you, never let them take their love for each other for granted, but as a challenge and a gift.

6) Lord, we thank you that … .. & … .. have discovered the look of love for each other.

7) Lord, we ask you to never let the eyes of both of them shine so brightly when they see each other.

8) Bless the children who are given to them that they are healthy and that they bring joy to their parents.

9) We ask for… .. &… .., let them accept each other as they are and recognize your idiosyncrasies as a stimulation of everyday life!

10) We ask that the marriage of these two will be happy and full of love. Strength and lead the bride and groom in good as well as in bad times.

Intercessions for wedding / families and friends

1) Protect all relatives and friends of the bride and groom who are faithful companions on their journey through life. Let them stay connected to them.

2) Lord, we ask you to continue to accompany them on the path of the two with the tailwind of sympathy and helpfulness.

3) We ask for all married couples that they never take each other’s love for granted, but always see it as a new gift.

Intercessions for the future children

1) Lord, we thank you for the love you have given … .. & … …

2) We ask for the children we wish for this marriage. May they grow up in a happy environment and give their parents joy and fulfillment.

Intercessions for the deceased

1) For all of you who can no longer see the present day in our midst, but who are very close to us now: Take them in your merciful arms and give them eternal life.

2) Let us also remember those who tragically lost their partner. May the Lord give them peace and joy in their hearts.

Intercessions for other couples

1) Lord, we pray for all lovers who are facing the shards of their relationship. Do not let them embitter, but open yourself again to the community and believe in love.

2) Lord, we ask for all married couples who are experiencing dry spells and struggle again for mutual trust and yes. Let them find people who believe in their ability to relate and accompany them.

Intercessions for unfortunate people

1) Lord, we pray for the people who are disappointed and cheated, who no longer believe in the good in people. Send people with good souls so that they can believe in the good again and not despair.

2) We think of all homeless people, refugees who long for open doors and hearts, let them experience your loyalty through us.

3) We think of the people who are lonely and alone. Give them people who love them and understand them.

This is how you find the most beautiful intercessions for the wedding

Those who know the wedding couple well can usually easily write a little prayer in which the blessings for the wedding can be expressed. The following requests are often made:

– A marriage full of happiness and loyalty
– Strength in difficult times
– A happy home with children
– Health and a long life together

Of course, the requests can also allude to very personal circumstances, such as moving to a common home or starting a common existence.

Intercessions with other guests

If several people take turns praying in the church, it is important that the speakers coordinate with each other. This prevents individual requests from being repeated. In addition, a meaningful sequence can be put together, so that all speeches are harmoniously shaped into a common blessing.

The best suggestions for the blessings at the wedding

If you are entrusted with the task of making intercession for the first time, you can get suggestions for the small speech at various points. Intercession ideas are posted on some portals or you can ask the minister who will perform the ceremony for advice. In this way you can meet this honorable obligation in an appropriate manner and contribute positively to the wedding.

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