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  • October 16, 2019

The best ideas for a wonderful winter wedding

The winter is coming soon! The winter gives us especially the great feeling, the peace and comfort. Nowadays more and more bridal couples are choosing a winter wedding.

Since the winter wedding is mainly indoor, you have to think about the wedding decoration. You can use pretty details like candles, fairy lights, garlands, etc. great.

But even with the drinks offers you a great way to – hot drinks. Normally, the champagne reception is offered after the wedding ceremony. In winter, you could offer a variety of hot drinks – hot chocolate, mulled wine, coffee, etc. You can easily arrange a small bar, so the wedding guests can serve themselves at will.

Here you will find further great inspiration for a wonderful winter wedding

We wish you every success in planning your winter wedding. We hope we could give you some great ideas on the way. Have fun planning your wedding!

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