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  • November 14, 2018

The 8 best ideas for the champagne reception

A champagne reception is a beautiful tradition to bridge the time between wedding ceremony and wedding party.

The following tips will turn the champagne reception into an elegant event that will be remembered for a long time to come.

1.) The champagne reception, which incidentally also Agape is called, can take place in front of the church or in front of the registry office or on arrival at the location. In addition to sparkling wine, soft drinks and small snacks are served, so that guests can bridge the often long time until the wedding dinner in the evening.

2.) The duration of the champagne reception should be one to two hours. This gives guests the opportunity to get to know each other and to get into conversation. A longer period should not be chosen, otherwise boredom may arise. If a longer duration is planned, one should consider some activities to entertain the guests. This may include, for example, the rising of balloons.

3.) If you design the agape in front of the church, you have the advantage of being able to greet the guests immediately after the wedding ceremony. Also, some guests can only be invited to champagne reception to keep the company limited for the wedding party. However, if you plan to have the champagne reception at the wedding location, you can seamlessly move on to the other program items. Therefore, one should weigh which solution is most favorable in a personal case.

4.) The drinks have to be planned. As a rule of thumb, you plan two to three glasses of sparkling wine per guest for two to three glasses of water. You should rather plan the planning a little higher, so that sufficient quantities of drinks are available. Sparkling wine and other drinks left over from the agape can also be used at the wedding party in the evening.

5.) At a champagne reception several alternatives are offered. In addition to sparkling wine, sparkling wine with orange juice should also be offered. Also for the guests who do not want to drink alcohol, alternatives should be available. These include water and soft drinks, which of course also arrive at the children. A stylish idea is also a mobile espresso bar, where you can offer the guests popular coffee specialties.

6.) The agape raises the question of whether you should order a caterer, or prefer to host the event yourself. If you want to organize the champagne reception yourself, you need reliable friends who do not attend the wedding ceremony and organize the construction of the bar. In addition to drinks, snacks, glasses, plates and trays need to be organized, and there must be people available to serve. The decision for a caterer is therefore much easier, because you do not need to worry about anything. However, it is often first and foremost a matter of cost, which solution one decides.

7.) With the snacks for the champagne reception one should decide best for finger food that can be eaten without difficulty. For example, bruschetta, cheese kebabs, sandwiches or stuffed puff pastry lids, which are prepared appetizingly, are suitable.

8.) Furthermore, you should provide seating, if the reception takes longer and an attractive decoration should be available. A subtle background music can contribute to a relaxed atmosphere. The agape can also be used to invite visitors to sign up in the guestbook. In this way, even those people can make their congratulations in the guest book come into their own, which will not take part in the wedding party in the evening.

Tips for champagne reception

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