Dream islands for your honeymoon

Dream island complacent? First of all, in our business directory, you will find a large selection of providers to successfully implement your honeymoon. A trip to the “classic” honeymoon destinations such as the islands in the Indian Ocean (Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius), the Caribbean (Bahamas, Aruba, Barbados, Jamaica) or even the South Seas (Tahiti, Fiji) or Hawaii is due to the calm and the Relaxation potential highly recommended.

The classic honeymoon destinations

What are your first names when listening to honeymoons? The three island groups are the absolute favorites in terms of honeymoon: the Seychelles, the Maldives and Mauritius. Royals and celebrities also come here to relax, to recover from the stress of the wedding and to simply enjoy the start of married life. No wonder, but lure blue sea, beautiful sunsets and white sandy beach to dream and relax.

Specializing in honeymooners

Some resorts in these latitudes specialize in honeymooners, sometimes even only couples are allowed as guests – no singles, no families! Here you can go through the full pampering program: bathing and sunbathing, experiencing pure nature, feasting and being pampered, enjoying romantic sunsets for two and much more … Occasional diving or boat trips are possible, but should not be overused when the young couple wants to concentrate completely on themselves.

Sun, beach..and culture!

Many classic holiday destinations such as Bali, Sri Lanka, the Thai island of Phuket, the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, Egypt’s Red Sea beaches or the peninsula off Cape Town / South Africa also offer cultural or natural attractions in the immediate vicinity, the one or the other trip want to be viewed.

Islands with rougher charm

Sun, beach and tropics alone are not quite your taste? Then there are still enough “dream island destinations”, where you have it a bit temperate and additionally mountainous. Hiking tours on enchanted, flowery paths and romantic evenings in front of the fireplace are not a bad program for the first marital journey. On the Portuguese flower island of Madeira, on the Portuguese island group of the Azores far out in the Atlantic, on La Gomera as one of the smaller islands of the Canary Islands, in Ireland or Iceland, or on the “Channel Islands” off the coast of France: Jersey and Guernsey.

Honeymoon successfully spend at home

The honeymoon is always the time immediately following the wedding day. And the first thought that you have with this word is, of course, the distant sunshine beaches with paradisiacal conditions in every respect.

But that’s not how it works in practice as often as you might think. Because some bridal couples are looking for completely different goals – or have to redeploy because of the ongoing construction of the house or knocking on the door to this world offspring.

What really matters

Create special little opportunities that will allow you and your new spouse to move into another world, even if you can not really leave behind your causal living environment or the demands of everyday life right after the wedding.

If you know that the big trip is not going to end, be sure to put together a small, fine list of things and ideas before the wedding that will sweeten the flutter.

Honeymoon at home

The most important thing is to really get away from everyday life at the designated times. And above all, this should mean a – for many now almost unimaginable – temporary waiver of cell phones and the Internet.

Whoever manages to do that, at least in certain open spaces, will not be fetched from the realm of togetherness either by his mother-in-law or by his not very sensitive boss.

Sometimes there are the little things

From time to time an evening in a romantic restaurant or a pleasurable spa day for two should be planned as far as possible to leave your own four walls behind.

And if there are already children in the house with late-determined wedding couples or newly created patchwork families, one can win parents or relatives for one or the other babysitting.

The honeymoon can certainly be made quite romantic and varied at home. With a little imagination and well-timed to the daily time windows that should at least succeed. So it’s up to you – just like the venture marriage altogether!