Hen Night – the bride’s prospective wedding custom

The Hen Night is very special, it can also take a whole weekend. It is another type of bachelorette party. If the bride is particularly shy and the friends already know that she will have less fun with a pleasure like selling kisses in the pedestrian zone, an alternative trip to Hen Night can also be arranged. The most important thing is still that the bride feels comfortable and spends a nice weekend.

A weekend in Mallorca or a stay in a wellness hotel with friends

Mallorca would be a great idea. Summer, sun, beach and wild parties make for an unforgettable weekend that the bride will remember for a long time. It would be good if the bride can actually remember the weekend. Even if she comes back with a hangover the main thing is that she had a good time. Of course, you and everyone else who is traveling should have a fantastic time with the future bride.

There is something for everyone. A romantic film in female company is also an opportunity to make the men-free evening a little quieter. This is really only an option if the bride is a very shy person and reluctant to go to foreign worlds.

The following applies: Very often a visit to a strip show or the booking of a professional stripper for home at the hen party is announced. It may be fun, but it should be discussed with the groom beforehand. You never know how he thinks about it and whether it would be okay for him. You should be careful with such demonstrations, because it is not fun for everyone.

The following applies to the organization of the Hen Night:

If the friends are planning a surprise for the future bride, you should at least talk to the groom so that you don’t end up in front of closed doors and your “victim” is actually at home.

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