Groomsmen and their tasks – close confidants of the bride and groom

Being asked to attend a wedding as a best man is an honorable task based on a long tradition. Already in the Middle Ages, the use of best man in the marriage can be demonstrated. At that time, official files often fell victim to fires or war damage.

Therefore, groomsmen were appointed to keep the marriage valid even without the presence of papers. Even today people like to stick to the old tradition and the witnesses have the moral task of attesting to the legal validity of marriage. For this reason, usually the closest friends of the bride and groom are asked to perform the function as best man.

The duties of the groomsmen

A best man must be of legal age and arrive at the wedding ceremony on the day of the wedding with a valid ID. If the best man does not speak German, an interpreter must be present. In addition, the best man can also take on a whole series of other tasks, which are usually determined by agreement with the bride and groom. This may include the following obligations:

– Aligning the wedding shower
– Help and advice in organizing the wedding
– Manage list of gifts
– Participation in the wedding rehearsals

Both brides and grooms can also be consulted by the groomsmen in the selection of wedding attire. And they generally want a person to discuss the details of the wedding.

The role on the wedding day

On the wedding day the groomsmen should be a support for the newlyweds and make sure that the day runs as planned and without any glitches. For example, the best man keeps the rings and keeps them ready at the right moment. He is waiting with the groom at the altar for the arrival of the bride. Even the adornment of the wedding carriage and possibly also the chauffeuring of the wedding couple on the day of the wedding are often the responsibility of the witness. Likewise at the feast a table speech or a well-thought-out toast is expected from the best man, who should be worked out by him before the feast.

Groomsmen – the best support for the bride and groom

They are an important part of the wedding, taking on a lot of tasks for the bridal couple and generally helping make the wedding a complete success. Their responsibility goes far beyond their involvement in the ceremony at the registry office or in the church. They advise on the choice of clothes, organize a wedding shower or bachelor party and advise other guests on the selection of gifts. The list of tasks they can undertake is infinite and takes place in consultation with the bride and groom.

A thanks for the groomsmen

In the stressful weeks of the wedding preparations, the above are a valuable support for the bridal couple. Of course, the bride and groom appreciate all this help and would like to express their gratitude in a special way. That is why the wedding witnesses at the wedding are happy to have a very special gift to thank for all the trouble. In the category “Groomsmen” you get the most beautiful ideas. This includes:

– Personalized pocket watch
– Cup best maid of honor
– Personalized mirror box
– Lighter with engraving

With such a gift, you can make them happy and express how much their efforts have been appreciated.

Friends for life

The groomsmen accompany a pair often on his future life, and can be and also turn into godparents for the children mediator in case of problems in the marriage.