Groom – The new generation

As a groom you do not have to be “metrosexual” to be treated as a man. In recent years, the demands on the appearance of the groom have increased significantly. After all, the bride wants to melt away on the most beautiful day and be really proud of the nice groom next to her.

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The suit of the groom lays the base

An elegant wedding suit for the groom requires upscale class and style from head to toe. The various suit styles can, skilfully combined, make every man the perfect groom. The tuxedo, tuxedo or dinner jacket, styled as a typical evening suit, has long since become a classic wedding dress and makes every groom a chic groom. Of course, individual combinations are also allowed – as long as they actually harmonize. It is very useful to get other opinions as a groom. To shine with radiant eyes and a healthy complexion, the groom should invest some time and attention just a few weeks before the big day.

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Fit to the tips of your toes

Plan a fixed weekly sauna and solarium day about a month before the wedding. In addition to a vital complexion and pure skin, this provides a piece of relaxation that you can certainly use in this phase.

A balanced diet, plenty of fluids, low nicotine and alcohol help the groom get a fresh, attractive look. Which is also the tip on hand, the wedding eve to hold at least two weeks before the wedding.

What’s up with the groom of today?

The fashion is very changeable, so there are no exact specifications how to look. The trend always prescribes something new and of course type is conditional. Of course, this trend also runs through the wedding fashion. Although there are always certain trends to perceive, but it is up to the bridal couple as you occur on their wedding day, whether wedding dress or wedding shirt for the groom. Usually, elegant, classic in champagne, white or cream shirts for the groom are common, but there is nothing wrong with the groom in a black, red or blue shirt. The biggest trend is to choose the color of the shirt to match the bride and her wedding dress, creating a harmonious overall picture. If you, as a bridegroom, want to stay away from the classic wedding outfit, there are many doors open for you to unfold in a fashionably individual way. So also multicolor combination can be selected.

What is a typical no-go?

First and foremost, remember that wedding outfit should be tailored to the wedding.

Basically, the groom is free to unfold, whether sweatpants or boilersuit – after all, love is in the foreground and not the wardrobe. However, if you are a couple who value a certain style that matches this unique event, then you should be aware of a few things to avoid glitches.

Finally, some typical no-gos on shirt, suit and accessories related, which should be avoided:

1) pattern: Striped suit and striped shirt, with a tie in check? That simply does not work!

2) play of colors: If color harmony and color contrasts are unbalanced, a carnival feeling can arise.

3) bridal dress vs. Wedding Shirt: If the bride wears a white dress, then the champagne or cream shirt is a no-go.

4) synthetic shirt: It may be iron-free, but you can see its ease of care!

5) short-sleeved shirt: It can be fine and airy in summer, but in fashion circles with a tie it’s a no-go per se – let alone the wedding day.

6) casual shirt: As the name already suggests, this is not a shirt that fits the occasion of a wedding.

7) button down collar: Fits impossible to suit or double breasted jacket.

8) the color light blue: The light blue business shirt, plain or striped, is not fine enough for the wedding day.

9) wool Shirt: Wool shirts are extremely warm and robust, but not suitable for finer occasions.


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