Free Wedding – romance without a church

Today, bridal couples in many cases belong to different denominations or even different religions or are non-denominational. In such cases, a church wedding is not possible. Anyone who still wants to give their wedding ceremony a festive character that goes beyond the standardized procedure at the registry office decides on a free wedding that can be designed according to individual wishes.

Free Wedding – what are the advantages?

Both the registry office and the churches hold a wedding ceremony within a strict set of rules in which individualism is only possible to a limited extent. With a free wedding, you can customize the ceremony to your own liking, enjoying the following benefits:

-individual ceremony
-worldly or spiritually
-free choice of location for the wedding ceremony
-accessible to anyone interested

Free Weddings can take place on the beach or in a park as well as in the bride’s home. The bride and groom determine the course of the ceremony themselves, with the yes word and the exchange of the rings also forming the central point in such a ceremony. Free marriage is also available to same-sex couples, who can thus strengthen their togetherness.

How to organize a Free Wedding

Numerous free theologians specialize in this type of wedding today to give every couple, regardless of their religious affiliation, the opportunity to have a truly romantic wedding ceremony. Before a free wedding, it is advisable to meet with the theologian a few times to exchange ideas for wedding arrangements and to determine the course of the desired ceremony and also the location. It should be borne in mind that the theologians see themselves as free service providers and therefore charge a fee for the wedding ceremony. There is no fixed fee schedule and the determination of the fee is part of the agreement with the theologian.

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