Always up to date – The wedding newspaper

You are looking for a special wedding gift that will inspire great enthusiasm both on the day of the wedding and years later. Then the implementation of a wedding newspaper is just the right way! It’s a creative process that is really fun.

With love and skill, creative personal content and sufficient time can be created by talented laymen a very special printing for the wedding newspaper, which keeps a marriage up to date.

With all the enthusiasm for the newspaper but you should not overlook one thing: To make the result of the wedding paper is really interesting and beautifully designed, it requires a well-thought-out concept, good computer skills, the help of relatives and friends of the newlyweds and: stamina and sufficient lead time

Wedding newspaper – hunter and gatherer

On whose impetus you also always want to be a publisher of a newspaper, starting with the hunt for exciting content and ideas for contributing to the wedding newspaper, and collecting as many good photos and stories as possible for your wedding paper.

Thankfully, the days when creating a wedding cease was a sinful and only professional endeavor.

Before you start with the wedding paper

Quite passable programs and templates for image editing and layout design for the newspaper can sometimes be found completely free of charge on the Internet – and online printing companies can also be commissioned by mouse click from home for your wedding newspaper.

Especially with regard to photos for the wedding newspaper, however, it is important from the outset to pay attention to a certain minimum quality in your wedding newspaper. And depending on the print version, it can demand quite large amounts of data; So with high resolution recorded or scanned images. An old driver’s license photo is usually only a horrible color stain and that’s what we want to avoid in your wedding paper.

Once the technical prerequisites for your wedding paper have been created and sufficient content has been compiled, these must also be arranged and the page size of your wedding newspaper determined. And that should be divisible by four, so that the whole then looks like a wedding newspaper and not like a loose leaves collection.

In order to overlook nothing important, it is best that family and friends work together for the wedding paper editorial meeting. However, the definitive implementation should preferably remain with a maximum of two main responsible for the wedding newspaper, so that the good project does not suffer like the famous porridge of too many cooks …

Creative or romantic

Like any good medium, the newspaper should also follow a general line for font fonts and basic layout to be professional. Of course, rubrics or individual contributions in a slightly different design are also desired in your individual wedding newspaper, which will make you stand out better. Sample book should be the end product for your wedding newspaper but none.

Here are a few suggestions for possible content for a newspaper – and a little tip: You can sell the wedding papers during the celebration also among the guests and put the bride and groom with the proceeds some extra money under the honeymoon cushion!

What might interest in a wedding newspaper:

• how the bride and groom got to know each other
• marriage proposal in word and picture
• Family Tree and Guest List
• horoscopes of the bride and groom
• an interview with the newlyweds (if they know about the newspaper)
• wedding recipes or puzzles
• search images from school
• excuses for every situation
• a marriage dictionary
• a “baby order form”
• worth knowing about the families of the couple
• funny (not embarrassing) anecdotes from the lives of the two
• and for larger volumes on page 2 or 3, a table of contents

The wedding newspaper – created by real friends

That someone goes to great lengths just to surprise the bride, the groom and their wedding guests makes a newspaper something very special!

During the wedding party, guests can read the wedding newspaper and in it, funny and interesting things about the bride and groom. The newspaper provides conversation between the guests and contributes to an evening that you will not forget so quickly.

For the bride and her groom, the newspaper is not just for entertaining, but is also a beautiful reminder that you even after many years like to take in the hand to leaf through it. The work and time you need to put in a wedding paper is well worth it.

The effort, however, is not to be underestimated, because a super planned wedding newspaper requires a team of you compiled newspaper team, which must investigate the bride and groom.

The following persons are important for the wedding newspaper:

The coordinator:
He arranges meetings, is the switchboard and also always available by e-mail. He distributes the tasks to all involved and ensures that the budget is not exceeded and that everyone sticks to the schedule.

The layouter:
His job is to arrange the text and image material and to bring it into shape. He should at best master text and graphics programs and have the computer equipment needed.

The editors:
The editors, as the name implies, research and write the articles for the wedding paper. They can help them with the parents, relatives or good friends of the bridal couple. To make things easier, you can also look up books, research the internet, or get inspiration from already “published” wedding magazines.

Contents of a wedding newspaper

Texts and photos on the following contents: Curriculum vitae of the bride and groom

The very first love proofs of the bride and groom

Work and hobbies

Various wishes and plans for the future

humorous sayings concerning the bridal couple

Short stories and joke or appropriate sayings

Horoscopes (bride and groom), partnership test and puzzles

Poems, songs and quotes from important people

Of course, a caricature of the bride and groom, which can be printed on the wedding newspaper, also makes for a laugh. This is not only funny, but also an extra surprise for the bridal couple and the wedding guests.

Schedule/ Appointment planning

Since you have a lot of work to do, you should scale the schedule generously. Collecting, researching, authoring and content layout can sometimes take more time than you think. If you want to make an impressive and extensive wedding newspaper, you should under no circumstances put yourself under time pressure.

3 months before the publication date

The first meeting should include:

The topic of the newspaper

Scope and format

set the number of copies

Discuss duplication options

which cost framework must be adhered to

The tasks for the next meeting have to be distributed:

Create the layouts for the Pribe

Get photos and write posts that concern the bride and groom

consider and write down further contents

the costs must be calculated

There are still two months to the release date:

The second meeting will take place now:

The articles and the photos have to be looked through

Discuss the order of contents

opt for a layout

talk about the costs and fix them

last changes concerning the content

The data for the layout has been refurbished

The material needs to be worried

One more month until the publication date:

If there is anything else to change about the content, discuss it

discuss when and by whom the newspaper will be presented at the celebration

The person responsible for the layout gets all the data and gets down to work

2 weeks before the publication date

Fourth meeting of the editor:

Appraisal of the first trial copy

one discusses the small changes

Reproduction and binding: these tasks are still to be awarded

The last meeting concerning the procedure at the wedding party

One week before the release date

The coordinator should now ideally hold the entire edition of the wedding newspaper in his hands.

Presentation of the newspaper

At the wedding reception, you can either organize the newspaper into a moneybox and collect some donations for the future couple, or you can distribute the newspaper for free.