Dress code – Clothes for wedding guests

The invitation card usually shows which wedding fashion is desired at the wedding. In general, at a wedding, the colors black and white are not fitting, as the white dress is reserved for the bride and black is the color of mourning. If you still wear black, the clothes should be refreshed with colored accessories or something similar. The most important thing is that no guest is dressed too conspicuously, as on the wedding day the bride should be clearly recognizable.

Wedding shower

At the hen party the dress code is not very strict, as this is usually a big celebration with a relaxed atmosphere. Here is more appropriate for everyday wear. However, this should also be appropriate for the festive setting of a wedding. It is conceivable for the men a cloth pants or a decent jeans with a shirt and jacket. The ladies are usually right with a fancy dress or a blouse combined with a skirt.

Church wedding

Since a church wedding is usually celebrated in a very festive setting, here is the style of clothing rather elegant and understated. It should absolutely be ensured that no religious sensitivities are violated.

This means especially for the women that their dress is less revealing and the shoulders are covered. If the dress chosen has a larger neckline, a stole or bolero jacket may be a good choice. Too short skirts or dresses that show too much skin should be avoided. Knee-length dresses are also possible, but even a pretty costume is a good choice for the church wedding. If the bride explicitly wishes it, it would also be possible to wear an evening gown.

For men, the following rule applies: The groom sets the style. If he wears a tuxedo, he may be a tuxedo with the male guests, he wears a tuxedo, the guests wear a simple elegant suit. This information can usually be found in the invitation under the keywords “white tie”, “black tie” or “dark suit”.

Elegant and subtle attire for wedding guests can be bought both in the store and online. We recommend visiting the fashion boutique of trust or browsing renowned fashion online stores.

Civil marriage

In general, there is no fixed dress code for the civil marriage, but here too the clothing should neither be too casual nor too revealing.

The ladies are welcome to wear elegant dresses, but the colors should not be too gaudy. Especially when the wedding takes place in the morning, these clothes should not turn out too festive – evening wear is here exaggerated quickly, as well as glittering clothes.

Conceivable is a combination of a noble trousers and an unobtrusive blouse or a pretty skirt with just such a top.

For the gentlemen similar basic rules apply as with the church wedding. Again, guests should not be more elegant than the groom, but most of all, the shirt should at least cover the shoulders and the socks should be both long enough and in color to match the rest of the outfit. Jeans are always a taboo at weddings, unless it was specifically requested otherwise, and even sneakers or even sandals should better remain in the home wardrobe. Of course, even for the men, the colors white, cream or champagne are reserved for the bride.

Themes wedding

Here is usually on the invitation card to find a reference to the style of clothing. Since a theme wedding is usually canceled, it may also be necessary to visit a costume rental. In this case, the guests should deal with the topic and think about a proper outfit, in case of doubt, even ask the bride and groom again, what it imagines. It is also possible to have a wedding on which the bride and groom want a certain color, then you are asked to choose your outfit as best as possible in these colors.

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