Food for the wedding

Food and drinks at a wedding reception are especially important for wedding guests. Extremely tasty dishes and adequate drinks make the day perfect. It does not matter whether the brewing couple decides on a 5-course meal or a buffet. Much more important is that the food and drinks for the wedding party correspond to the bride and groom. In the event that the wedding celebration takes place on a ship or on the beach, one should rather resort to seafood and fish. Here are some great ideas on wedding dinners and wedding cake, as well as other delicious side dishes.

The Wedding Menu – Ideas & Tips

The wedding menu is the purest culinary highlight at the wedding reception and must of course be planned well. You should already agree in advance on possible variant for the wedding dinner. You can choose between a wedding menu, a buffet or a fancy menu. Next, you’ll have to think about wedding cake or muffins or cupcakes. You can choose between different variants as well as providers, so that your wedding menu is simply perfect.

The perfect wedding menu

– wedding menu or buffet
– wedding cake or muffins or cupcakes
– recipes should be tuned to the motto
– tried to try recipes before the wedding
– as a bride and groom, you should definitely consider different ideas and tips

Through the wedding menu all wedding guests are taken in culinary terms. The beginning is the drinks. Traditionally, sparkling wine is served. You can modify this with a few ideas and tips and make a little use of it. In summer, you can refine the sparkling wine with a few strawberries and change in the winter by small encores – even a normal champagne is a truly delicious harbinger for wedding dinner. As an alcohol-free version – for children as well as for those who do not drink alcohol – orange juice is ideal. You can also use other fruit juices and upgrade them a little. However, the wedding dinner remains the true highlight of any celebration.

You should choose between a wedding menu and a buffet. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. If you have opted for the wedding menu, it can be really good but also limited. The wedding guests have no opportunity to vary and have to eat what comes to the table. You have much more freedom with a buffet. The food is selected by the bridal couple and a selection is put together. You can even take care of the drinks. In the event that there are possibly ingredients that do not fit, then these can be sorted out easily. A disadvantage of the buffet – the freshness of the food. The food is stored in containers for hours.

Food for the wedding – ideas & recipes

The wedding party is planned, the wedding dinner is over. The guests are expecting to be provided with good food and drink. As a bride and groom, remember that you also have to fill in the time between courses. You can provide entertainment or simply prefer eventual small program items from the wedding party. So is provided for mood. The wedding dinner is traditionally opened by the bride and groom. A few words can be addressed to the guests and explain the wedding dinner as “opened”. The bridal couple can also say a few words of thanks for coming to the guests.

A little tip for you: The groom could tell about getting to know the bride. Or the groomsmen or bridesmaids are introduced by the bride and groom.

The wedding cake – a true success

In addition to the food for the wedding, the wedding cake is also a true hightligt. There are many customs about wedding cake, which must be considered. The wedding cake is cut together by the bride and groom and the first piece is eaten together. But to counteract this custom, other sweet foods can be served instead of a wedding cake.

After the buffet or wedding menu you can easily serve cupcakes. On the Internet or at a pastry chef you will find ideas and recipes for different variations. The sweet food should not be placed directly at the buffet / wedding menu. It should be served in the evening. So the wedding guests will be truly thrilled and think back to the wedding for a long time.

With these tips and ideas, he is pre-programmed to succeed in your wedding meal. Because you hold the strings in your hand. With a few light ideas, you can turn ordinary foods into true treats. But it is also important that you can sit back as a bride and groom. After all, it is the most beautiful day in your life and this should not be disturbed by wrong ideas or anger with the menu.

Food for the wedding: menu or buffet?

The wedding dinner will greet your guests with culinary delights. It starts with drinks. Conventionally, sparkling wine is served at a wedding reception. With a few tips this can be easily upgraded and modified. Strawberries in the summer or small additions in winter – even a normal sparkling wine is the harbinger of a delicious wedding dinner. Non-alcoholic drinks offer fruity drinks such as orange juice. The wedding dinner is the highlight of every celebration!

The wedding dinner is the moment when all guests come to rest, laugh together, feast and the excitement of the past hours can lay down.

In addition to planning the wedding dinner, the question also arises whether the delicacies are served or prepared at a buffet. Each variant has advantages and disadvantages.

Many bridal couples find a wedding dinner menu more chic and elegant than a buffet, and prefer the menu option. The advantage here is that the guests are served, no one has to queue up, talks are not interrupted and the dishes can also be prepared by the chef.

Even the bride and groom can relax at the wedding dinner and just when many speeches and shows are planned, a menu often facilitates the planning. And especially in smaller locations, the menu variant is in contrast to the buffet, the more pleasant choice for hungry guests: all get their food at the same time, there is no queuing at the food and especially when the tables are very close, the guests have to really cozy designed Wedding dont eat out to buffet.

However, as far as the selection is concerned, a buffet for a wedding dinner is usually more varied and vegetarians, children or allergy sufferers will certainly find something here. In addition, each guest can take as much as he wants: Especially the ladies are often enthusiastic appetizer-eaters, while the gentlemen often like to jump straight onto the mostly meat-containing main course. Children on the other hand often prefer the side dishes.

Although you have to bring your own food to the table at the buffet; But many also find it pleasant to wander around the wedding a bit, sometimes taking a seat at another table and not staying for two or three hours at the assigned place. A buffet is in contrast to the menu always a bit rustic, but also brings more variety in the wedding food.

As far as the costs are concerned, the two variants do not take much. Although the choice is larger at the buffet, but it requires much less service staff and the effort for the kitchen to serve 50-100 dishes at the same time, also eliminates the wedding dinner.

A nice alternative, for couples, the two variants something to win, is a mixed form of buffet and menu: a part at the wedding dinner is served and others are offered in buffet form. So, for example, the entrees are served at the buffet, the wedding soup and the main course are served and the dessert and the cheese selection can then be served from the buffet again. So everyone will be full, everyone has enough choice, the speeches and entertainment deposits can be inserted during the served dishes and also for cozy conversations there is enough time for a wedding dinner. Everyone should tailor their wedding meal individually to their wedding, good luck with a relaxed wedding dinner.

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