Do’s and Don’ts for Wedding Guests


  • Wear the color of the bride. If the bride wears white, red or cream – she is the center and the color she chooses is reserved for her.
  • As a wedding guest over the seating order, because the bridal couple has thought about it for a long time. The later the evening, the looser this regulation will be by itself
  • One should not assume that the newlyweds have time for detailed and profound discussions. Not even if you have not seen each other longer.
  • Very long speech. Maybe others have prepared something, too, and maybe others are eagerly waiting for the food. The speech should not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Private details, inside jokes should be avoided as a courtesy so as not to embarrass the newlyweds.
  • Catching the bridal bouquet should bring happiness and fun and not degenerate into a fight. So single ladies: Keep in check!


  • Entertained with his table neighbors. After all, you have common acquaintances.
  • Close new acquaintances and revive old ones. The mood will thank you.
  • All performances, speeches and games should be discussed in advance with the master of ceremonies.