Declaration of Love – words that last forever – general information

On the way to the wedding, a couple of declarations of love come to the partner long before the actual marriage proposal. And should, in principle, also be repeated with married couples with a certain regularity, a declaration of love shows lasting interest towards the partner.

Newly in love usually want to express the full magic of their feelings in writing, because this is the best way to put emotions into words. But even long-standing love relationships are revived by selected words and compliments of a declaration of love. A declaration of love can describe the feelings for the partner as well as name characteristics that are particularly loved by him or her.

Declaration of Love – the first step to the wedding

If you are lucky enough to meet a partner with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, it is important to reveal your feelings to the person in question. Of course, this is a declaration of love. While some lovers like to express their feelings orally and look deeply into the eyes of the worshiped, others prefer to choose the written form. In this way you can find exactly the right words in peace. If you write the declaration of love as a letter, the nerves during the lecture will also disappear, which will make you stutter and stammer too quickly. The written form for the declaration of love is therefore particularly popular with those who are freshly in love.

Find the right words

When declaring your first love, it is particularly important to find the right words. You want to express your feelings well and of course convince your sweetheart that you are really serious. It can happen that you sit in front of the paper with the pointed pencil and with the best will in the world cannot find a start. It is good that you can find websites like or wonderfully romantic words to copy. Of course, you can be inspired by the declarations of love presented and write your own masterpiece.

Declarations of love as the basis of a happy partnership

Even if you’ve been married for a long time, you should keep the habit of declaring love. You always have the opportunity to do this. A few spoken love words during a meal for two or a short declaration of love in the lunch break sent as a message give the partner to understand how important love is still.

Popular sayings for the perfect Declaration of Love

– I’ll say it in one sentence, you are my greatest treasure!

– I have long wanted to tell you what I feel for you. But I was too shy to dare to offer you my love.

– Whenever you feel the most, you know the least to say.

– In my psychological constitution there is an absolute dominance of positive effects for the individuality of your person. In short, I love you!

– Whoever loves lives. You keep me alive!

– Wherever you are, whatever you do, whether you laugh or cry, whether someone loves you or everyone hates you, you can always rely on me.

– Words alone will never be able to express what I feel for you. But these words are a start: I love you with all my heart!

– My love for you is as big and wide as infinity.

– My heart no longer beats just for me, meaning: I love you.

– With skin and hair I am yours, with heart and soul on top of that.

– I would never have believed that there was such a thing, but I fell madly in love with you!


– Look up, the bright star is me. I will accompany you all your life because I love you.

– Never trust a star, stars sparkle and burn up. Never trust a rose, roses smell and fade. But trust me forever, because my whole heart belongs only to you!

– Whenever we see each other, I have to confess to you, you are the only one for me: I love you.

– Sent my guardian angel to you last night. After 5 minutes he came back and I asked why? He smiled and said: “An angel doesn’t need a guardian angel!”

– If I had only 5 minutes to live, I would have spent 4 minutes with you and cried for 1 minute. Not because I’m dying, but because I would never see you again.

– I think of you once a day, and this thought lasts for 24 hours.

– I asked him: “Do you have everything?” He took my hand and said, “Now I have everything!”

– I didn’t pick a few flowers today to give you their life.
Christian Morgenstern (1871-1914)

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