Choose the Colour Theme for the wedding

At first, choosing the colour for the wedding seems like a simple task. However, if one starts to deal with the current trend colors, pictures in wedding magazines and one’s own favorite colours, one quickly realizes that the composition of the right colour combination for the wedding is not that easy.

Choose the main colour

It is best to start by choosing the main colour for the wedding. These may be colours such as White, purple, blue, green, etc. act. Of course you will find many different nuances for each colour. Therefore, the next step should be to set the desired shade of the main colour. This can be sky blue or midnight blue, old rose or light pink. Once that colour is defined, it’s about finding secondary colours that can be combined with the main colour.

When combining the colours, it is advisable to always use strong colors together. For example, baby blue is a wonderful combination with navy blue. Light pink looks together with navy blue but weak and washed out. The insertion of silver and gold can give an elegant touch.

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  1. White
  2. Cream
  3. Gold
  4. Aprikot
  5. Pink/ Pink
  6. Red
  7. Green
  8. Purple
  9. Turquoise / Mint / Blue
  10. Yellow
  11. Brown
  12. Black
  13. Theme: Vintage
  14. Theme: Heart
  15. Theme: Butterflies

Inspirations for the most beautiful colour choice

The wedding location can be an important factor in the choice of wedding colours. For example, if the location is by the sea, blue is the main colour. On the other hand, if the location is embedded in a thriving garden, then one can also opt for green as the main colour. For a winter wedding, strong, darker shades, such as a dark purple, usually look excellent. However, if you marry in summer, full, bright colours are often chosen. When choosing the colour you should also think of the flowers that are to be used for the wedding, as well as they must be harmoniously inserted into the colour scheme.

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