The perfect planning for the church wedding

Would you also like to seal your marriage in front of God? Before doing this, you should prepare an overview to know exactly what you have to plan and do. After that, nothing stands in the way of your romantic wedding ceremony!

Church Wedding – Catholic or Protestant wedding

Kirchliche TrauungDepending on their affiliation, the bride and groom can be married, Protestant or Catholic. Are you Protestant, but your partner is Catholic? Nevertheless, there is no obstacle to a church wedding. Our tip: first speak to your pastor. Most of the time there are good solutions. You can also choose an ecumenical wedding ceremony of the “golden middle ground”, which may be carried out by either Catholic or Protestant clergy. The wedding can also be carried out by a priest. In any case, certain documents have to be presented for the church wedding.

Planning and preparation of the church wedding

Church marriages are the central element of many marriages. The preparations have to be organized thoroughly and you should start as soon as you have chosen a desired date.

First of all, the desired wedding day should be agreed with the pastor in good time. First, a meeting between the bride and the pastor is arranged to discuss the exact process of the wedding. The Church also offers “bridal seminars” or “marriage preparation seminars”. The aim of these is to bring the meaning of a church wedding closer. The partnership should also be deepened.

Note: Here you will find a detailed daily schedule of the entire wedding day with civil and / or church wedding.

Conversation with the pastor

First you have to get in touch with your pastor to register the wedding. In this conversation, the date for the wedding can already be set. Further appointments in the rectory are also scheduled. If the wedding is planned in another parish, the pastor can, so the pastor grants permission and helps in contacting. If one wishes to hold the wedding ceremony outdoors or in a specific place outside the church, these options should also be clarified with the pastor.

Number of guests

The number of guests who can attend the church wedding is determined by the space in the church. Therefore, you should find out how many seats are available in the church.

Decoration of the church

The church has to be decorted for the wedding. Special church decoration is often used for this. You should find out whether certain decorative items are not permitted. It is also helpful to know how the church was decorated at other weddings. The pastor can often give valuable information about this.

End of the ceremony

In the conversations with the pastor, the course of the ceremony is also precisely defined. The music can be determined, various readings can be selected and the intercession of the guests can be distributed. Your own wedding speech and marriage vows are also chosen. Once the process has been determined, it should be written down. Then you have a program printed, which is distributed to the guests in the church.

Marriage preparation course in the church

Before the wedding, the couple complete a marriage preparation course in the church. The date should be set early so that the couple can prepare accordingly.

Tasks of the newlyweds

In addition to these preparations, which are carried out together with the pastor, the bride and groom are also faced with a series of tasks that must be completed in good time before the church wedding. An important point is to write the marriage vows. This task should also be started early, as it is often not so easy to put the feelings into words. The songs to be played in the church for the wedding ceremony must be selected. If you want live music, you should look for a singer and book him for the day. The program booklets must be printed. If intercessions have been formulated, they must also be printed and distributed to the guests they are supposed to bring during the ceremony. It is also important to order the wedding candle in good time and select a suitable saying for it. Many couples also have small favors for guests, which can be handed out when entering the church or deposited in the squares. This can be a guest gift, such as wedding almonds, where guests can fortify themselves on the long day.

Reception of the couple in front of the church

After the wedding ceremony, it is common for guests to receive the couple in front of the church. It is often customary to host a small champagne reception on the forecourt, so that guests who do not come to the wedding party have the opportunity to congratulate.

Here you will find further useful tips regarding wedding planning.

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