Wedding Church Hymns create a festive atmosphere

At a church wedding ceremony, the ceremony in the church is an important part of the wedding celebration, which one likes to make as festive as possible. This includes a selection of wedding hymns to be sung during the ceremony. The bride and groom like to choose well-known songs that can also be sung by the guests. The hymns for the wedding should also have a wording that is important for the couple.

Best selection of Church Hymns for the wedding

As a bride and groom, you have a say in the selection of hymns that are sung at the wedding. It is advisable to consult the minister who will hold the wedding ceremony in good time. As a rule, the bride and groom choose three songs, but more songs can be selected if so desired. Before you begin, you should find out which songs are allowed in the Catholic and Evangelical Church and then make a decision. Today secular songs can also be on the list.

Modern or classic: the most beautiful songs for the wedding ceremony

The choice of church hymns for the wedding of course always depends on how you imagine your personal dream wedding. For example, if the bride wants to be led from the father to the altar, the wedding march by Mendelssohn-Bartholdy is best suited. In addition, there are other songs that are wonderful for the ceremony and have become popular classics for newlyweds. These include:

1) Only you from the platters
2) Oh Happy Day by Aretha Franklin
3) Our life is a celebration of Peter Janssens
4) Thank you for loving me by Bon Jovi
5) Can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presley

Many of these songs are also well known to guests, so that when singing along there is a romantic atmosphere that helps to get guests and the newlyweds in the right mood for the rest of the celebrations.

Choosing the perfect chuch hymns for the wedding

No matter whether they are sung or played, the right selection of church songs at the wedding will make your emotions rise! Even selected songs when moving in, moving out and during the wedding ceremony give the wedding a very personal touch. You can find out what to consider and avoid and which songs you can use here:

The most important Do’s and Don’ts for the choice of church hymns


Above all, 3 songs should be selected, which should be played for moving in, moving out and in the meantime. When moving in, make sure to select a song that has a special meaning for you. During the wedding ceremony, it makes sense to choose a song that has a calm melody so as not to distract from the essentials and ultimately when moving out it is important to choose a cheerful song to create mood again after emotional phases. It is essential to exchange information about the choice of music with the responsible pastor to prevent misunderstandings. If available, please give your choir or singers a little bit of leeway when it comes to interpreting the song. Your guests will be surprised when a well-known song is given new impetus.


Try to adapt the choice of hymns to the situation. Heavy metal, drum and bass, hip-hop, pop and co. is not the right style of music. They are welcome to appear at the wedding party, but not during the wedding. Too many songs are often selected to accompany the wedding. Considering all the good intentions of the newlyweds, this causes unnecessary disturbances, which can lengthen the wedding ceremony and can distract from the most beautiful things. Therefore less is more! Use the songs rather than opening new sections rather than bombarding the wedding with songs.

Which songs are recommended?

For moving in

  • The Power of Love – Cèline Dion
  • Wedding March – Felix Mendelssohn
  • Fix You – Coldplay
  • Spring – Vivaldi
  • Feather Theme Song – Forest Gump

During the wedding ceremony

  • You raise me up – Weslife
  • I will always love you – Whitney Houston
  • The Rose – Bette Midler
  • She’s the one – Robbie Williams
  • Listen to your heart – Roxette

To move out

  • Sunrise – Norah Jones
  • Just the two of us – Bill Withers
  • Beautiful Day – U2
  • Oh Happy Day – the Edwin Hawkins’s Singer
  • Best day of my life – American Authors

Here you will find further useful tips regarding wedding planning.

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