The Catholic Wedding planned in time

If you want a Catholic Wedding in the church, you should start planning your wedding in good time. One year, or at least half a year, before the desired wedding date, you should sit down with the responsible priest. So you have enough time for wedding talks and wedding preparations. During the marriage ceremonies, the priest informs the young couple about the importance of marriage in the Catholic Church and often recommends attending a marriage preparation seminar. Preparations also include choosing with the minister the wedding songs to be played, choosing the intercession, and discussing the church decorations. The couple’s suggestions are always welcome.

What do you need for a Catholic Wedding?

For a Catholic wedding it is a requirement that at least one of the spouses is Catholic. The following documents are required:

– ID cards of both spouses
– baptism certificate

If one of the spouses is not Catholic, they must provide proof of their unmarried status from the registry office. The Catholic partner must promise to remain faithful and to raise children born in marriage in the Catholic faith. If one of the future spouses is divorced, a Catholic wedding is usually not possible. Nevertheless, one should entrust the priest with the question in order to get his advice.

Wedding at other locations

In principle, the parish of the bride or groom is responsible for the Catholic wedding. However, if you want to get married in a church in another place, it is quite possible. It is best to sit down for a conversation with the priest, who can then issue a referral. However, one should remember in good time to make an appointment in the other church to ensure that the church or chapel is also free on the desired date, since some dates are fixed 1 year in advance.