Choosing the right catering company for your wedding

Before you start looking for a suitable catering company for your wedding, you should decide with your wedding location whether an external catering company is even suitable. Some locations work together with firm catering companies, sometimes it is not possible to choose a wedding caterer.

If you are free to choose your own caterer, you will find a special selection of catering companies in our business directory. A good source of information, where you can take a closer look at catering companies, are wedding fairs. Here you can not only conduct a first briefing, but usually also taste the delicacies of each party service.

What should be included in an offer for your wedding?

Clarify together with your partner on the basis of the following questions which wishes or requirements you put to the caterer:

– Would you like to serve the food as a menu or as a buffet? At this point, the Flying Buffet is also called, a mixture of both forms, in which selected dishes are served on a tray on the square and the guest can use it to his liking.

– Should the caterer only deliver the food, or should he also provide the service?

– Do you even provide table linen, cutlery and crockery or does the wedding location provide them? Otherwise, these could also be booked with the caterer.

– Is it important to you that the caterer also provides drinks for the wedding guests? In this case, you should consider whether you would like a beverage allowance.

– Based on this, create a checklist with all the important points.

The consultation before the wedding

After making a selection of potential catering companies for your wedding, arrange a consultation with the selected companies. In this you can clarify whether your wishes for the wedding party can be met. Get a non-binding offer and ask for the deposit and cancellation conditions.

15 savings tips for catering for the wedding

You do not have a big budget for your dream wedding? Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your costs for wedding catering as low as possible.

1. Champagne does not always have to be the first choice! Of course, there are also high-quality Proseccos, which are much cheaper compared to champagne. The main thing is the guests are satisfied and of course the taste is right.

2. Offer vegetarian delicacies! There is a wide choice – from the risotto in the glass to Asian spring rolls – so you can score points with the whole wedding party, without having to process costly meat.

3. Offer a limited selection of food! Experience has shown that most of the time the whole offer at the buffet is not used.

4. Experiment with different shapes and colors in the products! Even cheaper and simpler ingredients can be attractively set in scene.

5. Always stay relaxed at the wedding catering! Hot entrees require much more kitchen equipment than cold ones. You will also notice this at the expense. Stick best to treats that do not need to be heated.

6. What do you say about game? Just ask your catering company and let us know which game suits your wedding season. Show ingenuity! This will also bypass the most intensive meats.

7. Pay particular attention to the presentation of the menu at the wedding catering: serving the food, plate shape, etc. In addition to the taste of course, the look plays a crucial role. Even simple dishes are exceptional and exclusive.

8. If many children (eight years old or younger) join in, you should serve a special kids menu. With such a menu, the portions are smaller and of course also cheaper. It also contains food that children love to eat.

9. Do not go for extravagant dessert creations! These cost a lot of effort, effort and of course money. Rather, offer Klassiger instead of small works of art.

10. If you offer the wedding cake for dessert, you can save a lot. Also, you do not have to worry about the cake leaving too much. Think better of whether you prefer to invest the savings in a midnight snack instead.

11. Serve only one main course instead of a three or four course menu. It would be better the starter, salads, Bort, dessert etc. as a buffet. This also reduces staff costs.

12. Offer your guests something out of the ordinary without sacrificing an elegant style – just celebrate a tea party. Serve selected tea, traditional sandwich creations, various tartes, wraps and appetizers, cakes and a variety of desserts.

13. In addition, you could organize a casual barbecue in the evening at a summer garden party. Whether meat, fish or vegetables – there is something for every taste and the cost is much lower than a wedding menu.

14. Arrange a lot of little Spanish-style clichés. Viva read tapas! Each guest will find something that tastes good to him. You do not have to worry about allergies, diets, etc. in an extra menu. At a tapas bar, the guests also get into conversation with each other.

15. Work with wedding catering with local produce and ingredients – saving you a lot of money. If there is a traditional dish or specialty of the area, this exudes a very special charm.

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