A dream in white – the bride

When you see the bride on her wedding day in her precious white wedding dress on the way to the altar, hardly anyone thinks that she has weeks of hard work behind her, which has helped the wedding party to succeed. Traditionally, the bride is the main person responsible for the wedding preparations. From the initial planning of the concept of the wedding newspaper to the organization of the floral decoration on the wedding day, it is their task to plan every step of the wedding and create a hand.

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The bridal gown – highlight of the wedding

Of course, after finishing work, the bride deserves to look like a princess on her day of honor. But also behind it is planned work. If the date for the big day comes closer, the search for the perfect dress begins. Under a variety of models, the bridal gown is chosen after many fittings and equipped with the appropriate accessories. These include gloves, bridal shoes, hat or veil and the wedding jewelry. Also bridal bag and bridal umbrella should match the dress. Finally, the right make-up is chosen and a bridal hairstyle selected. On the morning of the wedding day, she has to make an appointment with the hairdresser and make-up to perfect her look.

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Traditions around the Bride – All information up to the big day can be found here

At the wedding many traditions are maintained, which are destined to bring luck to the bridal couple. The bride is also an active part of some of these customs. So she should wear to her clothes a number of specific parts to attract happiness:

– something old
– something new
– something borrowed
– something blue

Another wedding custom is that at the end of the party, the bride gives her bridal bouquet to unmarried female guests. According to ancient belief, the one who catches the bouquet marries next. In the same way, the garter is removed from the husband after the wedding and then thrown to the unmarried men.

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