Bridal hairstyles – Here you will find beautiful variants for the wedding

What makes bridal hairstyles actually? First of all, of course, a sensational look, which differs significantly from everyday styling. On the one hand you should see her the effort and the skill with which she was created. On the other hand, the looks of today should not only showcase craftsmanship and extravagance.

The trend in bridal hairstyles today goes in the direction of romance and dreaminess. This deliberately random, gives the highest degree of naturalness, without sacrificing glamor effects – whether old or young – bridal hairstyles come in all variations & for every type of woman. The Brautfrisur should not be static, but “live”, so to speak!

Explanatory videos for the appropriate bridal hairstyle

On Youtube you will find a variety of matching videos, where different bridal hairstyles are presented and how to do this best. Here are a few videos that help you to find the right bridal hairstyle:

Individual and trendy at the same time: different bridal hairstyles!

In a modern bridal hairstyle is twirled and braided and at the end slightly pulled apart. This shows that the bridal hairstyles may be a bit more casual these days.

The fact that you have quite good cards for bridal hairdressing, even with shorter hair, would not be fundamentally acceptable. But: skillfully implemented updos it is not to look at what length is hidden in them. And you do not need much to create the bridal hairstyles. Ten centimeters of natural hair are usually enough to make great bridal hairstyles.

With very long and thick hair, it is even harder to put on a bridal hairstyle that also has to hold perfectly for a whole day. The more hair to style, the heavier the beautiful headdress will be and eventually it will start to get out of shape even faster.

Detail finding – Here you will find beautiful variants for the wedding

Whether pinned up or open, curly or smooth, embossed or braided – the range of elegant, romantically inspired bridal hairstyles is now enormous. However, even in bridal hairstyles obsolete up-hole techniques that are to be avoided. For the best day in a bride’s life to be perfect, bridal hairstyles allow many creative possibilities. In addition, the necessary accessories for the bride hairstyles should be carefully chosen and tried.

You should note that the hair adorns the wedding dress, because it makes a big difference, whether you pick the comb or floor-length veil that the veil – if you do not want to wear it all day – simply from the burr hairstyles take is. In this case, complete it with a second hair accessory from the outset so that the bridal hairstyles can still be recognized as such even without a veil.

Whether short or long, with or without extensions, airy-natural or with Hollywood effect – bridal hairstyles … whatever your bridal hairstyles are going to be: try the bridal hairstyles in time to be completely sure that you’re getting married on their wedding day really feel good with your chosen bridal hairstyle!

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Bridal jewelry – wedding – superstition

A bridal bouquet with roses, a cross or pearls in the bridal jewelry and rain on the wedding day should bring bad luck on the wedding day. Find out what exactly is behind all these wedding superstitions!

In the wedding preparations one comes with different wedding customs in touch. Some of them have been dropped over time. Others are still used.

During the wedding preparations, the bride is repeatedly overwhelmed with acquaintances and relatives with advice and warnings. Whether you stick to it is up to you. The wearing of a cross in the jewelry and roses in the bridal bouquet should bring bad luck.

Pearls are the best friend of the woman. But unfortunately no matching bridal jewelry for the wedding. Too bad that almost everyone knows that the bride should not wear pearls on the wedding day. The superstition says that every pearl that carries a bride symbolizes a tear in marriage. The whole thing comes from the time of the pearl divers, who used to dive into the depths of the ocean and often did not return. Therefore, pearls became critical in the Victorian era, as seen today in blood diamonds. At that time they said: Every pearl a tear – and who wanted to hear this at his wedding? The whole thing is not so much a superstition, as a zeitgeist of a bygone era, because today real pearls are bred and artificial pearls made. Say bride should think less about pearls, as the current zeitgeist, thoughts about the origin of their diamonds in the wedding ring and any comments granny or great aunt simply smile away.

Speaking of tears you can not get past: If it’s raining on your wedding day, then a superstition says that raindrops mean tears in marriage on the wedding day. So you marry best on a summer’s day and without old pearl jewelry, then you could, if you really believe it, come through your marriage without tears.

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