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History of the bridal bouquet

Already in antiquity, virgins decorated themselves with flowers and flowers and carried them – woven into wreaths or chains. The symbolism of the flowers still finds many different meanings in many cultures today. The fragrant bouquet was created 500 years ago. Last but not least, to counteract the hygienic conditions of the time.

In the poorly ventilated churches at that time, it happened regularly that the bride fainted. So one made use of herbs embedded in the bridal bouquet, which provided fresh aroma from then on. This and the increasing popularity of this bridal accessory to the bridal bouquet at the nobility first paved the road to success that this very special floral decoration – the bridal bouquet has taken. And until today, the bridal bouquet is one of the indispensable symbols of the wedding ritual. For many women, the bridal bouquet is a wonderful reminder of their big day.


As individual as his wearer

Traditional or modern: for weddings of every style, there are almost endless original bridal bouquet variations available in fascinating arrangements that give the overall appearance of the bride a very individual touch. Whether colorful or plain, traditional or inspired by a certain theme, rather simple or absolutely luxurious – the imagination of the bridal bouquet knows no bounds. Eye-catching and stylish bridal bouquets are available in different shapes and colors. Whether in the church or at the registry office – your own taste decides which bridal bouquet it should be. Incidentally, it is quite common to use the same bridal bouquet for both occasions. When choosing the colors of the bridal bouquet, you should, of course, pay attention to the color of the wedding dress and the hair decoration. Only then does the interplay of bridal gown and bridal bouquet look particularly good.

Nature or silk bridal bouquet?

The rose as a symbol of love still occupies the first place of the chosen bridal bouquet. The white rose symbolizes purity, while red roses symbolize desire and passion. In addition, roses are characterized by high durability and can be – hanged upside down – also dry perfectly, so the bridal bouquet remains a small reminder.

Those who like it more modern, can choose other types of flowers, which can also be wonderfully processed into a bouquet. Elegant lilies, sunflowers, callas, gerberas, forget-me-nots, tulips, freesias or dahlias offer the most beautiful bouquet for every bride. When choosing the type of arrangement, the possibilities range from the ball shape to the bouquet, from small to striking unloading. However, those who are sensitive to the scent of fresh flowers or who may want to avoid possible spots on the dress can also rely on silk flowers. An incorporated band makes it possible to carry such a bouquet easily. Experienced florists will not lack the creativity or skill to put together their own personal dream copy for you

What colors say

The bouquet should be color matched to the wedding dress and make-up, as well as the decoration of the banquet table or the car convoy. Each color, however, has its own meaning. Here is a short foray into the colorful world of flower color theory – the right choice for the bridal bouquet:

  • – blue tulip: Our loyalty is part of our life.
    – blue iris: I stand with you with my whole being.
    – pink tulips: love
    – pink roses: shyness, you should take your time., I love you tenderly.
    – red tulips: in our love is our home. You are irresistible.
    – red roses: you have won my heart. I’m crazy for you.
    – red rosebuds: hope, love awakens. Heartfelt fear for you.
    – red iris: I could not leave you for my life.
    – red carnations: I only love you. Hot love!
    – red and white roses combined: unity, warmth of heart.
    – yellow tulip: in the fairytale kingdom of happiness we are in our love.
    – yellow iris: at any time I am full of pride and happiness for you
    – yellow roses: I forgive you. Infidelity, jealousy, waning love.
    – yellow fire lily: our gathering crowns my life and my happiness.
    – yellow carnations: give you a look.
    – yellow daffodils: My most beautiful yearning has been fulfilled in you.
    – white tulips: our everlasting world is our love.
    – white rose: n purity and platonic love.
    – white rosebuds: tenderness.
    – white iris: unflinching and forever I stand with you.
    – white lily: nothing can be purer and nobler than our love.
    – white carnations: I’m still available. I’m waiting for your decision.
    – white daffodils: admiration – imperishable yearning for you.
    – black tulip: united with you in the deepest passion.

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