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Note: Companies that link our domain: to their own website will receive between 0-100% discount on our advertisements, depending on the popularity of their website.

Advertising Opportunities

Here are the most popular ways to advertise on our wedding portal:

1. Business directory for service providers
2. Banner advertising
3. Guest post / blog post or product presentation
4. Contests

1) Business Directory for service providers

You can find a large number of wedding couples in our highly frequented business directory.

Why should you register in our business directory?

Advantage 1: Top rankings on Google inform a large number of newlyweds on our wedding portal.

We are constantly optimizing our Google ranking for a variety of keywords. As a result, more and more wedding couples find us and find out more on our portal.

Advantage 2: Long range thanks to modern, innovative tools

Thanks to our innovative offer, a large number of newlyweds use our wedding portal and plan their wedding using the various tools that we provide on our website. The business directory is an essential part of our website, which our wedding couples like to use. In addition, we offer our wedding guests additional support using our “online wedding planner”, where we obtain offers for the required services from the registered companies in our business directory.

Advantage 3: Optimized for every device – PC / tablet / smartphone

A lot of users come to our website with a wide variety of devices. Of course, our website is optimized for all devices, which means that we have a very low bounce rate.

Advantage 4: Moderate prices help you to get more customers

You have the option of receiving a free business directory entry on our wedding portal. All necessary details regarding our prices can be found in our price list.

Advantage 5: You can reach customers in your area

The entries are sorted by federal state, which gives newlyweds the opportunity to search for companies in your area.

Create your entry in “Plan your wedding – business directory” in just 3 steps and present your company to our wedding couples. You will then automatically be listed in our business directory.

2) Book banner advertising – This way you can reach even more potential customers

Banner advertising gives you the opportunity to reach even more wedding couples. It is possible to place banners on the home page, in the respective state or canton in the business directory, in the guidebook, book shop and article shop.

3) Guest posts for our extensive blog

You have the opportunity to present your company, service, product, etc. on our website in the blog. You get an annual membership for 199,00 $ and can write as many guest contributions as you like. Of course, these must comply with the generally applicable standards and will be removed if they are not adhered to. If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us by email. (Contact person: Mag. Dominik Mikulaschek,

4) Competitions

The following options exist to advertise a competition on our wedding portal.

• Blog article “All wedding competitions at a glance”
• on Facebook
• banners

Conditions on request (contact: Mag. Dominik Mikulaschek,