DIY wedding decor – individual and noble

If you let decorate professionally at the wedding, you have to expect a considerable amount of money. In addition, the decoration is indeed perfect, but often rather impersonal. That’s why more and more couples are choosing a DIY decoration, where they can create their own wedding ambiance with a lot of creative ideas. DIY wedding decoration makes you happy and makes the most beautiful wedding dreams come true. Also joy and family can help with this project and not only ideas but also manpower. Especially at a vintage wedding, the home-made decoration is a real hit.

Start in time with the DIY decoration

Anyone planning a DIY wedding decoration should start on time. There are several aspects to consider, and the design of the decoration takes place in different phases:

  • – Design of the basic idea for the wedding decoration
    – Search and purchase of individual decoration elements
    – Crafting of the individual decorations
    – decorating the wedding location

Once one has are the basic plan for the decoration, so it makes a lot of fun to search for the matching items. If you opt for a vintage wedding, you can find the most beautiful elements from the attic to the flea market, with which you can design an unusual decoration. For other wedding topics you can also get suggestions in wedding shops and in magazines and there you will also have the opportunity to order different materials.

The best ideas for homemade wedding decoration

With a homemade wedding decoration you want to express individuality and should therefore be guided by your own taste. Photos of the wedding couple, for example, can be collected on your string strung together in the ballroom, are just as romantic idea as a decoration with many beautifully decorated candles that can be placed anywhere in the room. For most couples flowers are also part of the wedding, which you can wind in garlands or put together in baskets to fragrant bouquets.

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A perfect wedding may be nice, but if the personal touch is lacking, the entire wedding will quickly start. The guests should know everything about their love and they should feel very well. If the wedding is very personal the guests feel very well and that’s the way it should be after all, they should feel very much at their wedding. Guests should remember this day for a long time. When decorating, try to find yourself in the colors and shapes. Often, the favorite color is taken as a main color and combined with others. Here you must again make sure that the colors harmonize well with each other. If they do not harmonize with each other, it turns up and the guests do not feel well and do not like to remember this day and the opposite should be achieved.

On the Internet you can find great templates like you could make your wedding. There are many different styles with the corresponding colors. Talk away with your / your partner / partner and decide to be in what colors the great Day celebrated together. One chooses a color and the other one too. Most works best this way.