15 beauty tips every bride should know

On the wedding day you want to look beautiful and leave nothing to chance. Everything has to be perfect – from make-up to complexion. It is best to start as soon as possible with a beauty plan. Our 15 beauty tips can help you to look stunning on this very special day.

Beauty Tip 1: Weekly manicures

Pay great attention to your nails and hands and keep them beautiful by weekly manicure. Because as soon as you get engaged, everyone wants to see the ring. You can also experiment with different colors and get to know a nail stylist. However, if you want something that lasts twice as long, then a shellac manicure that uses UV technology is recommended. This makes the nail harder and smoother.„amazon“„amazon“

Beauty Tip 2: Bronze complexion

For a beautiful complexion, use a self-tanner that gradually gradually works. Here, experts recommend airbrush tanning studios a few days before the wedding a spray complexion. As a result, the color looks more natural and you balance the problem areas. Through a one-time application, you will already appear to have a slightly tanned effect on photos.

Beauty Tip 3: White teeth for a radiant smile

A must for a wedding photo is a bright white smile. To lighten the teeth, you should use a toothpaste with a special white effect. White strips would also be an option. You can also have your teeth whitened by a professional. The brightening should be scheduled half a year before the wedding to get perfect teeth on the wedding day.

Beauty Tip 4: A straight face

A moisturizer is ideal for your face. Best you apply it daily before make-up to get a smoother and softer skin. You can also schedule a facial a few months before the wedding. Very popular are blueberry / soy treatments. The antioxidants tighten the skin.

Beauty Tip 5: Eating Healthier

It would be best to do without sugar, salt and finished products. Green vegetables, fruits and lots of water are the most ideal. This helps especially to break down small flab and also clarifies the skin. You should also try to avoid carbohydrates, fried foods and alcohol. This will dry the skin and make it swell. A good idea would be to have your healthy food delivered directly to your home or hire a nutritionist to set up a diet plan for you.

Beauty Tip 6: Regular Workout

Do sports regularly. This will tighten your body and also detoxify your skin. A workout helps you to reduce your weight and gives you an energy kick.

To give you something, you can simply register in a gym. You can no longer cancel your training on the pretext of the weather and all equipment is available on-site. In addition, exercising in a group motivates much more.

Beauty Tip 7: Lifting weights

It would be good to do weight training as part of your workout routine. That it gets big muscles and a broad cross is a rumor! On the contrary – easy dumbbell training makes the difference between well-defined, tight arms and the little cuddles that are hard to get rid of. It would be ideal to hire a personal trainer to tailor the training exactly to the needs and to constantly restructure it.

Beauty Tip 8: Beautifully shaped brows

If you have plucked your own eyebrows before, you should leave it to a professional this time. In a salon you get suggestions which form suits you well. The growth of brows is also a possibility. Even faster and gentler is the technology with the cotton threads.

You should start treatment six months before the wedding and always take a break between sessions for three to four weeks. The last session should take place about one month before the wedding, so that any errors can still be corrected. To treat yourself, just go to a brewing specialist.

Beauty Tip 9: Sample make-up

At least three weeks before the wedding you should try a sample make-up. To treat yourself, you can hire a photographer for a make-up shoot. This is how to find out how the make-up works on the photos.

Beauty Tip 10: Long eyelashes

… emphasize your eyes. If yours are too short, you can just help out with fake ones. If they do not want to attract attention, half lashes attached to the outer corner of the eye can also create a romantic look.

In order to treat yourself, you can do a semi-permanent eyelash extension in a studio. As a result, you no longer need mascara. A rework is necessary every three weeks.

Beauty Tip 11: Soft Skin

You have problem areas like dry elbows? A body scrub in the shower dissolves dead skin cells. Then you should rub the place with a rich cream or lotion thick and leave them for an hour to feed.

For a treat, book a full-body scrub in a studio for beautiful skin.

Beauty Tip 12: Pay attention to the lips

To pay attention to your lips, apply Vaseline or lip balm every night and massage your lips with a damp washcloth. This will remove the dead skin and maintain it at the same time.

For the wedding day, you should opt for shiny lips.
You want to treat yourself? Some studios offer special lip treatments.

Beauty Tip 13: Care plan for the hair

With a hair stylist you should have a plan for the proper care of your hair. With the treatments you should already start a few months before the wedding. The most ideal are products that contain olive oil.

You can also hire a hairstyle that will tailor the treatment to your hair type.

Beauty Tip 14: Hair removal

The monthly growth should be started as early as possible to get the best result. If this is too painful for you, studios offer special treatments, such as chocolate wax or sugar paste, which are less painful.

There is also the possibility of a laser treatment. For this you need three treatments at intervals of one month each. To achieve a permanent goal, you need seven treatments.

Beauty tip 15: Putting together an emergency bag

Whether the eyelashes come off or your hair flies – on the wedding day you should have important tools on hand to prepare for beauty emergencies. Just let a stylist show you how to solve it quickly and spread a beauty bag.

You can also buy an emergency bag if you do not have the time to assemble yourself.