Beauty Schedule – Wedding Planning yourself

You do not know what you want to do first – whether it’s a solarium, a hairdresser or a beauty treatment?

A beauty schedule will show you what to do before the wedding for your beauty.

8 months before

It is best to start with skin care. It would be ideal to pamper your skin in the morning and in the evening with a body cream and you should exfoliate your skin at least two to three times a week.

Waxing is especially recommended for hairless and smooth skin that lasts for weeks. To completely remove the hair, you must expect several sessions at intervals of 6 weeks each. So that your skin gets used to it, you should already visit a studio a few weeks before the wedding. The final waxing should take place one week before the wedding.

Fitness and nutrition: Start in good time with a sports program and avoid crash diets. Go jogging, yoga classes, or just hire a personal trainer. Something very special is Gymondo. This sports program consists of a sports and nutrition program. This will make you feel much fitter and more relaxed.

3 weeks before

Now is the best time for a consultation appointment with the hairdresser. Be adventurous and try different updos or dare a new hair color.

Also sign up for a trial bridal make-up. Here you can be inspired. Which nail polish is suitable? Just collect ideas.

4 weeks before

Pay extra attention to your hands, elbows and feet. With moisturizing products and peels you protect the natural elasticity of the skin and thus avoid redness and dry spots.

Would you like a smile on your big day? Then reduce your tea and coffee consumption from now on. Or how about a teeth whitening? At the dentist, a brightening of eight to nine shades within two hours is possible.

To avoid pale skin, you can grab a self-tanner or visit a solarium four weeks before your wedding. Twice a week is enough to give you a gentle tan. Do not forget to prepare accordingly: full body scrubs promise streak-free, even tanning.

2 weeks before

Now it’s time for the last haircut. Now you should stop experimenting and just cut the hair tips and set highlights. You can then treat your hair to a nurturing hair treatment at home.

Two weeks before the wedding you should wax, trim or pluck your eyebrows. As a result, the sensitive skin has enough time to heal.

Enjoy a massage with essential oils or a full-body exfoliation. So you can let your mind run for a brief moment and forget the stress and tensions of the last few days.

1 week before

This week the last cosmetic treatment takes place. Your skin will be healthy and fresh in one week – whether it be exfoliation, cleansing or facial massage. If necessary, you can pluck your eyebrows.

3 days before

Let yourself be pampered by a pedicure and manicure. It is recommended to use a gel manicure to avoid splintering and cracks on the nails.

1 day before

Just close your eyes and relax.

Drink a lot of water – this increases your sense of well-being, blood circulation and oxygenation.

Pack your emergency kit, with all the beauty helpers – blister plaster, lipstick, concealer, floss, powder, safety pins and hair spray should be there.

On the wedding day

It’s done – congratulations! Get in the hands of the hair and make-up professionals and enjoy your big day!