“Hen Night” – bachelorette party for the bride

Brides, too, are entitled to an exuberant hen party. In England (also widespread among us), brides and their friends have been celebrating the “Chicken” or “Hen Night” for a long time, because no one stays dry.

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Hen Night – Girls just wanna have fun!

The fun for the friends is in the foreground at the hen party. Usually, the bride does not know beforehand what to expect on the occasion. Either her friends are surprisingly at the door with complete disguise for them or she only finds out where and in what outfit she has to be ready for a certain date. The possibilities to have fun at the expense and with the bride are unlimited at the hen party.

Disguise at hen party

Whether disguised as an angel or a devil with a belly tray for kisses or condoms (send a cash register into which male (!) Buyers have to pay their fee, don’t forget!) Handcuffed them to strangers who then have to buy themselves free, chains or disguised as a Dutchwoman on a bicycle pulls the handcart with schnapps stock for the entire girls’ party, there are no limits to your imagination at the hen party.

Sell, sell, sell!

The bride is mostly held up by her friends on the day of the hen party, but must also earn a lot of money herself. The ‘kiss sale’ is one of the classics, which can be designed in many different ways. Here are 2 possible variants:

1.) You put on a low-cut top for the bride, then dye the lips of the kissing men with lipstick and then let them choose where they want to place the kiss.

2.) Or the bride is left at the market stall in the city, where she must have sold a certain amount of kisses within a certain time.

In addition to the kisses, the bride’s clothes can also be auctioned by putting on an old t-shirt and having the paying men cut off a piece of each. Visiting bars with men willing to pay is also recommended. Think of a casino, a golf course or riding stables in the area, while the evening in the city is then spent with the money earned.

Ideas for a hen party

• visit to a beauty farm / beauty salon / tanning salon

• brunch to indulge and blaspheme

• organize pajama party

• stripper right in the living room

• wellness day

• gourmet picnic in the countryside

• afternoon shopping

• photo shoot with your best friends

• surprise evening