Bachelor Party – Here you will find all the information you need

The Bachelor Party is one of the most well-known and popular customs before the wedding, it was already practiced in ancient Greece. While in ancient times only men celebrated stag or hen parties, in our day the bride is just as popular and common.

The big last party, the bachelor party, for the unmarried usually takes place one to two weeks before the wedding. Bride or groom are usually picked up by their friends on the day in question and dressed with their own costume or one of the specially printed T-shirts. So the environment knows what it’s about – a hen night! And it is not so easy to lose sight of each other as the custom (and alcohol level) progresses.

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Bachelor Party – only fun for the bride and groom

Planning and organization usually take over the respective witnesses. Apparently, this “work” has become so popular that more and more friends are planning the bachelor party together. For the bride and groom, who are busy with the wedding anyway, the bachelor party is usually just fun – almost – without end. Even though in practice the bachelor party processes deviate somewhat from the plan due to the rapidly increasing mood, a few important cornerstones should be clarified in advance.

Planning list for friends – Here you will find all the necessary information

– set time and place
– draw up a guest list
– very important: clarify the financing
– arrange the meeting point for the start
– and create an approximate schedule
– assign tasks: send invitations, organize local, prepare drinks, games and possibly T-shirts

If you agree on the planning and date of the celebration, the preparations should begin quickly. In any case, it should be the focus of the groomsmen and friends that the bachelor party takes place entirely in the interests of the bride or groom.

Tips for the women’s group

It is conceivable that – with all emancipation – there are striking gender differences in the design of rumbling. Here are a few popular destinations for women:

– party in a karaoke bar
– a wellness weekend or evening
– a weekend trip to a hip city
– a local tour in the neighborhood
– or the pajama party for the whole Brave

In any case, what can also be recommended to the lords of creation is to ensure that the celebration is fully remembered. Therefore, the creation of a photo album or a photo wall with the signatures of all those involved will definitely help memory later.