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  • September 1, 2019

5 things every bride needs when planning your wedding

The Wedding Planner is from yesterday! The bride of today takes matters into her own hands. Because she can also plan her dream wedding herself! But there are extra things that are indispensable to the wedding planning of the bride.

Planning a wedding is not exactly easy. Every bride needs support – be it through friends, relatives, groomsmen. You must not forget on materials that can facilitate the wedding planning a lot.

Here we have put together for you the 5 best things that are essential in wedding planning.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is every bride’s dream when it comes to wedding planning. Here you can find the most beautiful inspirations – from gifts to the most unusual wedding ideas. There is something for everyone. You can create pin boards and remember the best ideas so that you can then implement the ideas at your wedding.

The only negative is that there are too many great ideas and you can easily easily lose track of the wedding planning. As the saying goes – less is more!

2. Hochzeitsplaner

A wedding planner is always a good helper in wedding planning. In doing so, you can write down the best ideas that come to mind in between, so nothing is forgotten. In addition, the planner also creates memories of the most beautiful day in your life.

A wedding planner contains the best to-do lists. You will always have an overview of when to do what – from 12 to 1 month before the wedding – everything takes its place. In your wedding planner, you will also find checklists that you can then tick off after completing the task. Of course, there is also plenty of room for your own to-do lists, inspirations, ideas, and much more.

It would be best for you to always have the wedding planner with you during the planning process in order to be able to take notes at any time – be it changing the guest list, booking the florist, location, and much more. der Gästeliste, Buchung des Floristen, Location, uvm.

But if you want to make your personal wedding planner yourself, then you will find a great guide here

This way, the planner will be remembered forever and you will be able to pick it out again after years and look at it together with your partner.

3. Emergency bag

Since wedding planning can be exhausting and hectic, the future bride should always have an emergency bag handy. In the bag should be packed items that you need in the short term, such as handkerchiefs, tea towels, painkillers, deodorant, patches, hand cream, Labello, and much more.

With the emergency bag you are well looked after on the day of the wedding and there can be nothing in the way of the wedding.

Our tip: Here you will find a great video tutorial for your DIY emergency bag.

4. Wedding Guides

With a wedding guide you are always on the safe side. After all, you can not always think of everything when planning your wedding. The following questions may arise: What should be considered in the seating arrangement? What’s the best way to entertain the wedding guests? Wedding Games – yes or no? What kind of gifts should you take? The wedding guide will help you the best. All open questions will be answered and so one or the other important detail will not be forgotten.?

5. / Manicure

Since the hands are the center of attention of the bride on the wedding day, the manicure should not be forgotten. It is best to have a hand cream, because the hands need a lot of moisture to not dry out. After all, many photos are taken on the wedding day and the hands have to be staged. A hand cream is also a great idea as a gift for the many helpers at the wedding.

Wedding products that you need at every wedding

These are the top products you need at almost every wedding.

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