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  • October 3, 2018

30 days wedding planning – How to plan your wedding in a very short time

Not every couple has much time to plan the wedding. In some cases, you may have had the idea of marrying for some time, but when the decision finally comes, everything suddenly has to go fast. In such a situation, it is important to keep a calm mind and to plan quickly. In thirty days, a perfect wedding can be planned if you follow the steps below.

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Day 1:

The first gear leads to the registry office to make an appointment. In the short-term planning, it is possible that the weekends are already booked, so you should be prepared for a weekday. Brides and grooms are both German, the formalities can be handled quickly. However, if a partner is a foreigner, you should see

Day 2:

A budget must be set by calculating all costs for the wedding.

Day 3:

A guest list should be created and it must be considered how many people should be invited.

Day 4:

Only 26 days to the wedding day – high time to make the guests aware of the appointment. Save-the-dates can be sent via Paperless Post. The best man should also be fixed now.

Day 5:

It is important to find the right wedding location for the wedding. The traditional locations are probably not bookable at such short notice, so you should be frugal here.

Day 6:

Order of the location must be made.

Day  7:

Set up a website for the wedding

Day 8:

Location and time should be set, so invitations must now be sent out. Paperless Post is well suited for this.

Day  9:

Various bridal shops must be visited to find a suitable model. If you really have little time, you can also buy a wedding dress online.

Day 10:

Rings must be selected and changes or engravings made.

Day 11:

The wedding dress should be ordered and the accessories selected. This includes the shoes that should be chosen as comfortable as possible.

Day 12:

A photographer must be booked. Under certain circumstances, the trendy wedding photographers for the short-term appointment are already booked. At the university you can perhaps find a photography student or hire a gifted amateur photographers from the circle of acquaintances.

Day 13:

The decoration has to be planned. If you want to save yourself expensive floral arrangements, you can also fall back on a decoration of table green and candles, which looks attractive and can be put together easily.

Day 14:

The menu should be discussed with the location. Menu and place cards should be printed.

Day 15:

The bride should dedicate this day to choosing the bridal hairstyle and make-up. Wedding magazines and wedding portals on the Internet can inform about new trends.

Day 16:

The 16th day is dedicated to music. If you want a live band, you should find it now. Otherwise you can spend this day putting together playlists. Friends can provide valuable assistance.

Day 17:

Only 13 days to go to the wedding. Now is the time to think about the physical well-being, to experience the big day in a relaxed way. Low alcohol, healthy food and a little exercise can do wonders for you to be really fit at your wedding.

Day 18:

It’s time to take care of the honeymoon. Often you can use excellent deals, no matter if you are planning a long-distance trip or a short break close by. The so-called Mini Moon are today in the trend.

Day 19:

An important task is imminent: The seating arrangement. It should be checked how many guests have agreed. If some guests are in doubt, they should be called. Then you can take care of putting the individual persons together as well as possible to small table companies.

Day 20:

This day should be used to make final arrangements with the various suppliers and to make sure that each delivery is matched to schedule.

Day 21:

Speeches are in demand at weddings. If you want to say a few words to your guests, use this day to make a little speech and practice it.

Day 22:

There are only a few days left. It’s time to design a schedule for the big day. The tasks of everyone who will help with the wedding should be discussed and noted and also a list with the phone numbers of all suppliers to be created.

Tag 23:

Favors must be provided. It can be a loving little thing like a fan or a glass of wedding almonds. It should be based on the budget that is available.

Day 24:

The last purchases for the honeymoon should be made. If you break up right after the party, you can also pack your bags, because the last few days before the wedding can get hectic.

Day 25:

In the last five days, there are many things to think about. If possible, various tasks should be transferred to friends and family.

Day 26:

The weather forecast should be checked. If rain is expected, the bridal umbrella should be provided and an alternative plan created for outdoor activities

Day 27:

A small bag should be packed containing some important items for the big day. Perfume, make-up, spare stockings and headache tablets are included.

Day 28:

Contact again all the service providers who have been booked for the wedding and make sure that all discussed details have been understood and you can rest assured that they will be complied with.

Day 29:

On this day you should make a manicure and pedicure.

Day 30:

The tasks of the last day include preparing checks for payment of suppliers and envelopes with tips for the service staff. More tips for the day before the wedding can be found here.

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