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  • September 2, 2019

The 10 best tips for the bride

The bride wants something very special for her dream wedding. That’s why she’s looking for the best and fanciest ideas to give the wedding that certain something. To help you with wedding planning, we have put together the 10 best tips for you, so that the bride comes to your highlight at the wedding.

The 10 best tips for the bride

1. Wedding planner

When planning your wedding, you have to plan a lot and you will not forget it, so get a wedding planner. This is always handy and fits in any purse. So you can always take short notes and collect new ideas.

2. Photo box

With a photo box you not only create great memories of your wedding day, but it is also a good entertainment for the wedding guests. With a few great photo props, the fun factor is inevitable.

3. Dancing lessons

Before the wedding, you should definitely take a few dance lessons, so that the opening dance with the groom is a real highlight at the wedding.

4. Wedding dress fitting

The wedding dress should not be too tight when fitting, if you already buy the wedding dress several months before the wedding. It would be best to let a little air to breathe.

5. Children’s table

Do not forget the little guests at the wedding. So that the little one does not get bored, make sure you use toys, coloring books, soap bubbles or prepare a surprise set to make you feel very well.

6. Perfume

Buy a new perfume for the big day. This will always remind you every time you apply the perfume.

7. Favors

Do not forget a little something for your guests. Be creative! From wedding jam, wedding almonds to a key ring – your wedding guests will love it.

8. Music requests

Ask your wedding guests, which music wishes they have for the wedding. The best would be a note or email before the wedding.

9. Card box

Set up a card box at the wedding. It not only looks good, but the guests can also give their congratulations or gifts of money there.

10. Food package

You probably will not come to dinner at the wedding. For this reason, simply order a food parcel from your caterer. When you reach home after the party, you have something for the big hunger.

Wedding products that you need at every wedding

These are the top products you need at almost every wedding.

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